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Welcome 2 France Newsletter June 2008
Hello !


I've yet to meet a person who has visited Paris who hasn't become totally enchanted with this beautiful city and vowed to return soon, and often.

The first decision travelers make when organizing a trip is where to stay. Most people automatically opt for a hotel room and never give a thought to apartment living in Paris. However, we have discovered the joys of apartment life in Paris and would never consider anything else.

But, what about actually buying an apartment in Paris?

Today, many people have second homes, usually on a lake, seashore or mountain top. But, none of those locations are as unique as Paris. Your children cannot be exposed to the art, architecture and history of Europe on a mountaintop or lake shore a few miles from your home.

Paris is also in the center of Europe in that it is so very well connected by train and plane to all of western Europe. Isn't the main goal of having a home-away-from home the fact that you can truly get away from it all. Having that second home in Paris, instead of a few hours' drive away, can meet that goal.

In less than 3 hours, you can travel from downtown Paris to downtown London! Note that I said 'downtown', not way out at some airport. Paris is 1.5 hours from Brussels, 2.5 hours from Bruges, Belgium (Medieval moated-city frozen in time), 4 hours from Cologne (magnificent cathedral right outside the train station), and 4.5 hours from Amsterdam - all by fast trains.

There are 6 major train stations in Paris, each serving a different direction radiating out to all of Europe and each station is extremely accessible from any apartment in Paris. The French have train systems that are efficient, on-time and extremely user-friendly.

Apartment-ownership in Paris is easily accomplished when using the Welcome2France agency. They are experts in the field and can rent out your new pied-a-terre, when you are not using it, making it a wise investment, indeed.

Welcome2france happens to have an apartment for sale in a very sophisticated neighborhood at 173, rue St-Honore. It would be a true challenge to find a better location in Paris - a mere 3 minute walk to the Louvre.

This Parisian-home-away-from-home is in a fine building and has all the amenities (and plenty more than any hotel room!). The apartment is located on the first floor and has those beautiful high ceilings that give Parisian living spaces their feel of luxury. For more information, please view the details for the Louvre-St-Honore apartment in the 1st arrondissement on our website.

Buying an apartment in Paris may very well be a most exciting adventure, but it is also a very good investment. Welcome2france will be happy to reduce the sale price if the buyer chooses our agency to rent the apartment out to clients for a year.

You only have a short time to spend in Paris? Not a problem with apartment stays since many can accommodate whatever time-frame you have. The welcome2france website has many to choose from and their service is excellent. No hidden surprises at "check out" time and no extra fees. And, each one is perfectly located within Paris.

Hotel rooms, especially European rooms, are quite small. There is no kitchen, no washer/dryer and no camaraderie with the locals.

Apartment living is far more Parisian, than a hotel. A hotel stay is often quite a bit more expensive than renting an apartment. Renting, or buying, a Parisian address far exceeds any hotel stay.

In a hotel you do not encounter locals coming and going to work in the mornings or evenings, as you do in apartment buildings. It would be quite unusual to strike up a conversation with a Parisian at the mailbox, or elevator, in a hotel.

We love watching the activities on the rue below our apartment windows in the mornings and evenings, which may not be a show you can see from most hotel rooms - while enjoying a cup of coffee we've brewed in our own kitchen.

Having your own washer/dryer in an apartment means you can pack far less than if you were staying in a hotel.
We travel to Paris each year with one 20" rolling suitcase each, whether we are staying one month, or two. Today airlines are charging extra for second, and third, bags. You only need one bag when staying in an apartment with laundry facilities.

Apartment living has become a way of life for us when in Paris. We feel connected to the pulse of the city.

The windows can be opened in an apartment, but not always can be in modern hotels. You can see, hear and smell more from an apartment balcony or window - and Paris is the one city in which you'll definitely want to have that opportunity.

Paris is all about the senses. It is famous for perfumes (smell), art/architecture (sight), cuisine (taste), fashion (touch) and has it's own unique sounds (hearing). Did you know that on the first Wednesday of each month Parisians are reminded of their triumph over German occupation by the sounds of the WW2 air raid sirens that can be heard, even today, at 12 noon? People all over Paris pause in their rush down the boulevards, take off their hats, and honor that time in their history.

Personally, I cannot imagine staying in Paris without a kitchen. Cooking is not a chore in Paris, it is sheer joy. With a kitchen, you will be able to embrace the tremendous pleasure of shopping in the street markets for your dinner, as do the Parisians each day. You'll notice that no Parisian guidebook omits describing the charms of these markets.

Parisian street markets, or 'marches', are absolutely the heartbeat of the city. Each district, 'arrondissement',
has one, or more. Everything is sold under the quaint covered stalls from foods (ordinary to extraordinary, even
organic) to antiques, stamps, art, flowers, birds, to books and clothing (new and used). I bought the best
nutcracker I've ever used at a street market in the 10th arrondissement.

Shopping for food at open-air marches in Paris is a jaw-dropping experience. You see housewives fussing over the produce, businessmen in suits choosing flowers (which they then carry home upside down to keep them safe from the sometimes crushing Metro crowds), old and young people all perusing the goods as if choosing the perfect piece of fruit is the most important task of their day, and school kids buying their lunch.

No one does food like the Parisians. The selection is fabulous and just about anything is available year-round due to the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. We've seen fresh melons in January!

If you ask the vendor for a ripe pear, he might very well ask you what time that day you will be eating it so that he can choose the one that will be ready when you are!

The Louvre-Saint-Honore apartment that is for sale is located in prime Parisian real estate, right in the center of the city...on the famous rue Saint-Honore. In the next article, you'll find some of the neighbors who share this prestigious address.

A very nice street market is located in Place du Marche St-Honore, due east of Place Vendome. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound here. There's a fish market nearby that stocks fresh fish daily. It is easy to locate because it is in the shadow of a huge, multi-storied glass shopping mall, that was once a parking garage. There are lots of small restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries all around it.

This area has a sophisticated atmosphere and, like most places in Paris, a little historical nugget..Napoleon and Josephine were married at 3, rue d'Antin (now the BNP Paribas building). Several luxury hotels and the American Consulate are also in the neighborhood.

We have rented five different apartments in Paris since 2001, each in a different arrondissement each trip. I can see no downside whatsoever to apartment living, when compared to hotel rooms - after all, apartments are what the majority of Parisians call home. Why pay top dollar to stay in a hotel room that looks pretty much like any other hotel room in the U.S.?

Join the Parisians on their own turf! It is fun, easy and will saturate you in their unique lifestyle - an adventure well worth experiencing.

Jean E. Arnevick. Olympia, Washington. U.S.A.


Rue Saint-Honore begins, eastward, at Place Marguerite-de-Navarre, just south of the imposing Forum-des-Halles shopping center and ends, westward, at Place Beauvau near the Palais de l'Elysee (home of the French president).

As is typical of Paris this rue is known for it's shopping and history. I'll concentrate on the street between # 91 and #408.

#91, rue Saint-Honore:
Village of antique shops all in a row.

93, rue Saint-Honore:
On the building front, note the ancient Directoire sign, "Au Bourdon d'Or", with it's golden bumblebee on the first level.

95, rue Saint-Honore:
The sign, "A la Renommee des herbes Cuites", on the first level indicates this was once the barbershop of Louis XIV.

#115, rue Saint Honore:
A pharmacy, the oldest established in Paris, once resided at this address, dating back to 1715.

#125, rue Saint-Honore:
'Gosselin Boulangerie' for best bread and great sandwiches in Paris. His baguette is a prize winner.

#154, rue Saint-Honore:
'Scoop' for ice cream, espresso drinks, light luncheon salads and soups, and lots of desserts.

#159, rue Saint-Honore:
'Café Ruc', very elegant. Owner also has Café Marly at the Louvre, but this café is much quieter.

#161, rue Saint-Honore:
View a vestige of a Medieval wall dating back to 1380.

#201, rue Saint-Honore:
'Chocolat Michel Cluizel' Boutique. Chocolates shaped like sardines, mushrooms, and you-name-it. Excellent French macaroons. Just gazing in the shop window will lure you inside.

#211, rue Saint-Honore:
'Hotel-Saint-James and Albany' once the home of the Duke de Noailles. The 17th century building is now a modern hotel.

'Chantal Thomass' Boutique. Legendary luxury lingerie designer. One of her first clients was Brigitte Bardot. Her creations are now in all Victoria Secret shops.

#213, rue Saint-Honore:
'Colette' Boutique featuring home furnishings and fashions. Water bar downstairs. A Parisian hot spot.

#233, rue Saint-Honore:
'E. Goyard', luggage-maker to royalty since 1853. The aristocrats requested their coats of arms be placed on their custom-made luggage.

#256, rue Saint-Honore:
'Café Verlet', a tiny coffee shop that roasts its own beans in-house. Exotic coffees from all over the world. Established in 1880. Charming and fragrant.

#296, rue Saint-Honore:
'Eglise Saint-Roch' on corner of rue St-Roch. Built in 1653 by the same architect who built the Sorbonne. In 1795, Royalist insurgents were shot dead on the front steps on Napoleon's orders. Bullet holes are still visible. Buried here are Diderot (philosopher)and Le Notre (landscape architect of the Jardins des Tuileries and Chateau Versailles). Note the "Triumphant Virgin" on the dome.

Near #330, rue Saint-Honore:
'Gagliani Anglo Bookstore' at 226, rue de Rivoli. Opened in 1810. Oldest English bookstore in Paris. Wonderful coffee table books.

Turn up rue du Marche-Saint-Honore:
#10 is 'Le Rubis'- Possibly the best known wine bar in Paris.

#33 find the 'Philippe Model' ultra-famous hat shop. He also now makes shoes and unique objects for the home.

Near # 356, rue Saint-Honore:
'Angelina The Salon' at 226, rue de Rivoli. Famous for their Africain Hot Chocolate (Katherine Hepburn's favorite), Mont Blanc cakes and, of course, tea.

'Catherine Gifts' at 7, rue Castiglione. Big name perfumes at 20-25% off. VAT refunds here are very well organized. Many of the staff speak English.

'Place Vendome'. Walk north onto rue Castiglione towards the square created by Louis XIV in the 17th century. Napoleon replaced King Louis' statue with one of himself 150 years later on the bronze spiral column made of the captured cannon barrels. The 144' high column was erected to celebrate the French victory at Austerlitz. It is a copy of Trajan's column in Rome and Napoleon is dressed as a Roman emperor. The 1957 movie, "Love in the Afternoon", with Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper was filmed here.

The Place is loaded with jewelers and designers' shops whose window displays are not to be missed.
#1 Former Embassy of the Republic of Texas
#2 Guerlain perfumes
#3-5 owned by the Sultan of Brunei
#4 Buccelati Jeweler (Napoleon II resided in Hotel du Rhin at #4-6)
#6 Armani
#7 Cartier Jewelry
#10 Bulgari Jewelry
#12 Caumet Jewelry (formerly the Russian Embassy; Chopin lived and died here)
#13 view the French official measure of the meter carved into the wall
#15 the elegant Ritz Hotel with the famous Hemmingway Bar (Escoffier was the first chef at the Ritz)
#16 Piaget Jewelry (once the 1778 salon of Dr. Mesmer, father of hypnotism, whose most famous patient was Marie Antoinette)
#18 Chanel
#20 Mauboussin Jewelry
#21 designer Schiaparelli
#22 Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry (formerly the home of Madame de la Parabere, the Regent's mistress)
#26 Boucheron Jewelry
#28 designer Charvet

#362, rue Saint-Honore:
'Darys Jewelry', a cavernous shop with walls filled with rows and rows of antique jewelry from all eras, plus modern second-hand pieces. Allow yourself plenty of browsing time here.

Near #370, rue Saint-Honore:
'W.H. Smith Bookstore' at 248, rue de Rivoli. The New York Times are available on Mondays. Maps and travel guides in English.

Near #375, rue Saint-Honore,turn up rue Cambon:
'House of Chanel' at # 31, rue Cambon. The beautiful staircase is worth a peek. Across the rue is the rear entrance of the Ritz Hotel from which Princess Diana exited just before the fateful crash.

#380, rue Saint-Honore:
'Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption' at corner of rue Cambon. Built in 1670, it is now the Polish church in Paris. Interesting architecture with six Corinthian porch columns, a 24 meter wide rotunda and a dome with eight bays. Lafayette's funeral was held here in 1834. Tallyrand was buried here in 1838.

#408, rue Saint-Honore:
'Au Nain Bleu' for toys to die for. Three-storied shop built in 1836.

Jean E. Arnevick. Olympia, Washington. U.S.A.



Until June 2: "Louise Bourgeois" - 95 year old artist, sculptress and engraver
Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou - 4th Arrondissement
€ 10,00 - 12,00

Until June 2: "Le Musee Maillol S'Expose" - Nudes
Musee Maillol
61, rue de Grenelle - 7th Arrondissement
€ 8,00

Until June 8: "Goya" - The Engraver
Petit Palais - Musee des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris
Avenue Winston Churchill - 8th Arrondissement
€ 4,50 - 9,00

Until June 8: "Master of Mockery" - Honore Daumier, Artist
Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Site Richelieu - Galerie Mazarine
58, rue de Richelieu - 2nd Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 7,00

Until June 15: "Monumenta" - Richard Serra, Sculptor
Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill - 8th Arrondissement
€ 2,00 - 4,00

Until June 22: "Patti Smith - Land of 250" - Poet, Singer, Artist, Photographer
Fondation Cartier Pour l'Art Contemporain
261, bd Raspail - 14th Arrondissement
€ 5,50 - 7,50

Until June 22: "Andrea Branzi" - Italian Architect and Designer
Fondation Cartier Pour l'Art Contemporain
261, bd Raspail - 14th Arrondissement
€ 5,50 - 7,50

During All of June:
"Narrative Figuration" - An Artistic Movement Born in the 1960's
Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
3, avenue du General Eisenhower - 8th arrondissement
€ 9,00 - 11,00

"Camille Claudel" - A Retrospective
Musee Rodin
79, rue de Varenne - 7th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 7,00

"Napoleon" - Symbols of Power Under the Empire
Musee des Arts Decoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli - 1st Arrondissement
€ 6,00 - 8,00

"African & Oceanian Art" - Masterpieces of the Barbier-Muller Collection
Musee Jacquemart-Andre
158, boulevard Haussmann - 8th Arrondissement

"Un Instinct Fauve" - Maurice de Vlaminck, Artist
Musee du Luxembourg
19, rue de Vaugirard - 14th Arrondissement
€ 11,00


Until June 2: "Babylone"
Musee du Louvre - Hall Napoleon
Rue de Rivoli - 1st Arrondissement
€ 9,50

Until June 8: "Tour d'un Monde" - Photographs by Georges Rousse
"Tour d'un Monde" - Photographs by Georges Rousse and
"Valerie Belin - Photographs, 1996 - 2006" and
"SFR Jeunes Talents Photo" contest winner, Corinne Burgaud+A127
Maison de la Photographie
5-7, rue de Fourcy - 4th Arrondissement
€ 3,00 - 6,00

Until June 30: "Marie Antoinette"
Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
3, avenue du General Eisenhower - 8th Arrondissement
€ 8,00 - 10,00; Free for under 13

During All of June:
"Zizi sexuel, l'Expo" - Love & Sexuality for the 9 - 14 year-old crowd
Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie - La Villette
Parc de la Villette
30, avenue Corentin Cariou - 19th Arrondissement
€ 7,00 - 9,00

"L'homme Expose" - A Perspective on the History of Man"
Le Musee de l'Homme in Palais de Chaillot
17, place du Trocadero - 16th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 8,00; Under 4 = Free

"Des Parisiens sous l'Occupation" - Parisians under the Occupation, 250 photographs
Bibliotheque Historique de la Ville de Paris
22, rue Malher - 4th Arrondissement


June 2, 5, 8, 11: "I Capuleti e Montecchi" - Opera
Opera Bastille
Place de la Bastille - 12th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 150,00

June 2: "Iphigenie en Tauride " - Opera
Palais Garnier
1, place de l'Opera - 9th Arrondissement
€ 7,00 - 160,00

June 3: "Calogero" - Concert
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 42,50 - 55,00

June 3-8: "Villette Sonique" - Music Festival
Parc de la Villette
Grande Halle de Villette - 19th Arrondissement
€ 9,00 - 45,00; Some concerts free on Saturday/Sunday night

June 4: "Rage Against the Machine" - Concert
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 43,30 - 51,00

June 7, 10, 13, 19, 26: "Don Carlo" - Opera
Opera Bastille
Place de la Bastille - 12th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 150,00

June 9, 12, 18, 24, 27: "Melancholia " - Opera (World Premiere)
Palais Garnier
1, place de l'Opera - 9th Arrondissement
€ 6,00 - 80,00

June 9: "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds" - Rock
Olympia Hall
28, boulevard des Capucines - 9th Arrondissement
€ 49,50 - 60,50

June 9: "Recital de New England Choir (Etats-Unis)" - US New England Choir
Eglise de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine - 8th Arrondissement
Free. 4:00 p.m.

June 9-10: "Radiohead" - Rock Group
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 49,90

June 11-12: "Manu Chao" - Concert
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 20,00 - 29,00

June 17: "Kiss" - Rock Group
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 56,50 - 84,00

June 20 and 29: "Louise" - Opera
Opera Bastille
Place de la Bastille - 12th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 130,00

June 21: "Fete de la Musique" - Music Festival on Longest Day of Year
All over Paris

June 21: "Tokio Hotel" - Rock Group
Parc des Princes
24, rue du Commandant-Guibaud - 16th Arrondissement
€ 47,20 - 56,00

June 23: "Recital de l'Utah Chamber Artist (Etats-Unis) - Utah Chamber Artist
Eglise de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine - 8th Arrondissement
Free. 4:00 p.m.

June 24: "Recital de Keystone State Boychoir (Philadelphie) - US Boys' Choir
Eglise de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine - 8th Arrondissement
Free. 4:00 p.m.

June 24: "Carlos Santana" - Concert
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 43,50 - 65,50

June 27: "Recital de Yuma Youth Choir" - US Youth Choir
Eglise de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine - 8th Arrondissement
Free. 4:00 p.m.

June 27: "Bruce Sprigsteen & The E Street Band" - Concert
Parc des Princes
24, rue du Commandant Guilbaud+A174 - 16th Arrondissement
€ 53,00 - 89,30


June 13-15: "Pocket Film Festival" - Cell Phone Movies
Pompidou Centre
Place Georges Pompidou - 4th Arrondissement
€ 8,00 - 10,00; Under 18= Free

During All of June:
"Lion King" - Broadway Musical
Theatre Mogador
25, rue de Mogador - 9th Arrondissement
€ 25,00 - 99,00

"Festival du Theatre de Verdure du Jardin Shakespeare" - Four Outdoor Plays
Jardin du Pre Catelan
Bois de Boulogne - 16th Arrondissement
€ 15,00


Until June 8: "French Open" - Championship Tennis
Stade Roland Garros
2, avenue Gordon-Bennett - 16th Arrondissement
€ 14,00 - 77,00

Until June 14: Rugby
Stade Jean-Bouin
Avenue du General-Sarrail - 16th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 55,00

June 15: "Finales des Championnats de France de Basket" - BB Finals
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 12,00 - 60,00

June 16 - 22: "Beach Volley Paris" - Grand Slam Volleyball
Place Joffre
Avenue de la Motte-Picquet - 7th Arrondissement

June 20-21: "Lique Mondiale de Volley-Ball" - Worldwide VB League
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 15,00 - 22,00

June 24: "Midsummer Fireworks" - Celebrates the Shortest Night of the Year
Quai Saint-Bernard - 5th Arrondissement

June 28 - 30: "Mode et Mariage" -Fashion & Marriage Bridal Fair
Parc des Expositions
Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre Hall 4.1 Versailles - 15th Arrondissement

June 29: "Eden Park Beach Rugby"
Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy
8, boulevard de Bercy - 12th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 50+A20,00

During All of June:
"Circus" - Diana Moreno Bormann (wonderful for kids)
Place Skanderbeg
112, rue de la Haie Coq - Porte d'Auberviliers - 19th Arrondissement
€ 10,00 - 35,00; Under 3 = Free

"Les Grandes Eaux Musicales" - Musical Fountain Shows
Parc du Chateau de Versailles
In Versailles, France
€ 6,00 - 8,00

"Les Contes de la rue Broca" - Tales from Broca Street (for ages 4 up)
Palais des Glaces
37, rue du Faubourg-du-Temple - 10th Arrondissement
€ 10,00 - 28,00

"Guignol Puppet Theatre" - Children's Puppet Theater, a Paris tradition
Promenade des Champs-Elysees
Rond-point des Champs-Elysees / angle des avenues Matignon et Gabriel - 8th Arr.
€ 3,50

"Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione" - Circus
Cirque d'Hiver
110, rue Amelot - 11th Arrondissement
€ 10,00 - 45,00; Under 3= Free

"100% Finland Festival" - Celebrates links between France & Finland
Place Saint-Sulpice
Rue Bonaparte - 6th Arrondissement
Various prices

Jean E. Arnevick. Olympia, Washington. U.S.A.

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