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Welcome 2 France Newsletter August 2008
Hello !

August Newsletter Highlights:

* August featured W2F apartments
* Announcing our Express Booking
* Is Paris Good for a Family Vacation?
* Tips for Taking Children to Paris
* 20 Arrondissements with Kids' Activities in Each!
* Paris Calendar for August

Featured Apartments

Welcome2France is featuring three apartments during August - a floor-plan for everyone.

The Champs-Elysees Lido Loft will easily and comfortably house a family of four, with plenty of room to spread out - giving each family member their own 'space'.

For larger families, or two families traveling together, the Opera Trevise will sleep 6 in three bedrooms, with 2 baths.

For a couple, the Luxury Champs-Elysees-Washington offers high-end luxury in an ideal location.

All Welcome2France apartments are fully and beautifully furnished with completely outfitted kitchens set up and ready for you. Full information is on our website,

Express Booking now Available on

Booking a private apartment online for your vacation or business trip can easily become quite a battle, especialy when emails get lost, phones don't answer or things have simply been misunderstood at some point.

Welcome 2 France, in good position to be aware of this and always striving to reduce time consuming procedures, is proud to announce the launch of no less than the quickest, simplest and safest online rental facility available on the net !

Our Express Booking will take you from a first click on the apartment you have set your heart on to a confirmed rental, and more, in less than fifteen minutes and no bad surprises along the way.

A transport from the airport or train station, an insurance, an invoice or copy of some other lost document ? It's all in the bundle on your own private page where you can follow the evolution of every aspect of your booking and stay, before, during and even after your visit.

For all the details : Express Booking Explained

Is Paris Good for a Family Vacation? Absolutely YES!

The French are crazy about their children. They dress them in the latest fashions and parade them proudly in their parks and boulevards. Most European families have 1.6 children, while in France the number is 2 per family. Tax deductions are big in France for 2 children, and actually double after that. Paris is full of kids and the city provides endless activities for them.

Your children will be quite welcome in Paris.

Instead of sending the kids off to summer camps this year, why not consider a family time in Paris - the trip of a lifetime and a bonding experience like no other.

For babysitting services provided by W2F, for a small fee, please mention your need to Sophie when discussing your apartment rental details.

Traveling to Paris with children can be a joy, if you take the time to plan ahead. Read on for tips on taking the kids to Paris and activities aimed just for kids.

Tips for Taking the Kids to Paris

#1 Tip: By far the best tip I can offer you, when visiting Paris with your children, is to definitely rent an apartment. Hotels are simply too confining for an entire family.

Apartments provide greater square footage, a fully equipped kitchen and separate bedrooms so that each family member can enjoy his own space during the intense time of vacationing together.

Having a washer/dryer is a huge boon when packing for the entire family. It means fewer changes of clothing have to be carried across the ocean per person. And, it leaves suitcase space for a few souvenirs!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your own kitchen. The last thing you would want to face, after a full day of Paris, is having to ask the kids to sit still in a French restaurant.

Most W2F apartments have internet connections so your kids can stay in touch with their friends - an important thing, especially to teens. The apartments also have hair dryers which can mean everything to a teen-aged girl and to Mom who is using all available suitcase space for other items.

#2 Tip: Prepare the kids for Paris beforehand by suggesting books that will enhance their experience in the City of Lights (this works for adults, too). For the younger set, you can't top the "Madeline" stories. Older kids will enjoy Victor Hugo's, "Hunchback of Notre-Dame", Dumas' "The Three Musketeers" and "The Man in the Iron Mask". All of these are also on video. For the 9-12 year-olds, "Family Under the Bridge" by Natalie Carlson is a very descriptive read about Paris. I would add to the list, "Les Miserables", for viewing by teens, too.

#3 Tip: Let the kids help decide what to see and do. Go over the possibilities with them and form a plan together. They will feel less "dragged" around if they have some say in the daily adventures. And, what child wouldn't feel grown up (no matter their age) while leading the family through the Paris Metro? This is a task most kids can learn quickly.

Buy a "Pariscope" magazine, available at newsstands to check the "Enfants" section for current kids' events. For Puppet Shows (so Parisien!) check the "Marionettes" section. For all Puppet Shows arrive 20 minutes early for best seats.

#4 Tip: Note that Parisian schools are not in session on Wednesday afternoons which makes all the kiddie locations and fast food places more crowded than at other times. This is easy to plan around.

#5 Tip: Allow time to let the kids run off steam at the many, many parks in Paris. And, don't forget that getting 'lost' (virtually impossible in Paris) can be a truly fun adventure. This is a great alternative if the day you'd planned isn't going well.

#6 Tip: Have a good breakfast before leaving in the morning, see a museum or monument, come home for lunch, let the kids rest, use the afternoon for a kid-type of amusement, have dinner at the apartment together then use the evening for a family outing to see the Parisian lights at dusk. A perfect day. Remember that in Paris it remains daylight until at least 10 p.m. in August.

#7 Tip: Understand from Day One that it is impossible to see it all and do it all in Paris. Accept this and choose what best will interest your family and concentrate on those sights. Just know that you, and your kids, will return to Paris someday - everyone does! We've spent seven months in Paris spread over 5 trips and still know there is much yet to see/do in Paris.

#8 Tip: When it comes to flying with kids, common sense will guide you to book a night flight, don't let the kids roam the aisles without you, and pack tons of crafty items (Scotch tape will entertain them forever when you ask them to make sculptures with it). Don't forget sippy cups to avoid spills in the seats.

#9 Tip: If daughter is interested in the grandeur of the Napoleon rooms at the Louvre, but son would rather see the Egyptian mummies there, then split the kids each with a parent and set a meeting time and place to rejoin. Divide and conquer!

#10 Tip: When a daunting visit to a huge museum (Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, e.g.) is before you, it really pays to study the online websites with the kids beforehand. Everyone can make a list of their 'must-sees' before entering the doors. Saves not only time, but tempers!

Kid's Activities in the 20 Districts

Paris is divided into 20 districts, each distinct like the villages they originally were. They are called Arrondissements. The fantastically well-organized public transit system in Paris (Metro subway, Bus, RER trains or Trams using one pass) will get you to all of these locations in a flash. Check out their website at and be sure to buy weekly passes for each member of your family, a huge savings.

Line 14 (the Meteor) is the only driver-less Metro train that lets you sit at the very front. As thrilling as most amusement park rides. City bus #69 is the cheapest way to see all the major sights of Paris in one huge loop - it runs from the Eiffel Tower to Pere Lachaise Cemetery, passing 14 major sights along the route.

For full info on transportation and museum passes, refer to our April, 2008, Newsletter (the "Practical Advice" section). You can easily access our Newsletter Archives by hitting the link, "newsletter archives", at the bottom of this edition.

Below you will find a list of attractions, per Arrondissement, aimed at pleasing children:

1st Arrondissement:
Until August 2:
Fete des Tuileries - fun fair with rides, balloons, cotton candy, little train, big Ferris wheel (all of August) and bumper cars. Between Jardin des Tuileries and Place de la Concorde.

Eats and Treats - Great burgers & fries at Joe Allen (30, rue Pierre Lescot) and for a true Parisian treat, have Hot Chocolats at Angelina The Salon (226, rue de Rivoli) or visit the Jean-Paul Hevin shop of chocolates (231, rue Saint-Honore).

2nd Arrondissement:
Tour Jean sans Peur - 'Tower of Jean-sans-Peur':
1409 medieval tower once part of the Duke of Burgundy's palace. Spectacular spiral, sculpted staircase. See daily life in a ducal palace during the chaos of the 100 Years War.
20, rue Etienne-Marcel

Le Grand Rex:
Largest movie theater in the world still showing daily films. 2800 seats. Built in 1932. Original murals and art deco interior. Once housed a kennel and a hair-dresser. Still the largest movie palace in Europe. One hour tours.
1, boulevard Poissoniere

3rd Arrondissement:
All of August - September 28:
L'Eveil des Cinq Sens - Exhibition of how dolls and toys help children learn. Museum of 500 dolls, costumes and furniture dating back to the 1800's.
Musee de la Poupee
Impasse Berthaud, near 22, rue Beaubourg.
€ 5,00 - 7,00

Arts-et-Métiers Metro station:
For the boys, an entire Metro station done up in submarine décor.

4th Arrondissement:
Until August 17:
Paris Plage - Actual sandy beach on the Right Bank of Seine between Pont Neuf and Hotel-de-Ville.
1st & 4th Arrondissements

Musee de la Magie - 'Museum of Magic':
Magic tricks and conjuring devices displayed in 7 rooms filled with magic wands, boxes, magician's hats and posters - a complete history of magicians. Regular shows.
11, rue Saint-Paul

Gargoyles of Notre-Dame:
Kids will love dashing up the 300 steps to the top porch of this most famous of all cathedrals in Paris and standing eye-to-eye with the scary rain-spouts. One of the best views of Paris rooftops.
6, parvis Notre-Dame

Best Ice Cream in Paris - Berthillon:
Absolutely decadent and made on site. A daily selection of 30 flavors beautifully served in tall, steel, frosted compotes (although, ordering at the walk-up window is cheaper). No child, or adult, should miss this!
31, rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ille

5th Arrondissement:
Zoo - 'Menagerie - Jardin des Plantes'
A half-million people a year visit this huge collection of 1000 animals. Kids might enjoy watching the wild animal feedings. The setting is beautiful - first opened in 1794.
57, rue Cuvier

Marine Center - 'Centre de la Mer'
Aquariums galore - 1 with Jellyfish, 5 with tropical fish and 3 with fish from the Mediterranean Sea (not a common display in the U.S.). Best for school-aged children.
Institut Oceanographique
195, rue Saint-Jacques

Skinniest, Shortest Street in the World
Kids will be amazed to see this tiny rue and will want to be photographed in it. Before the quay along the Seine was built, the house cellars near it would flood with water and fish. Cats soon learned that fishing in the confined cellars was a quick, easy meal. Hence, the name, "Rue de Chat-qui-Peche", or 'Street of Cat Who Fishes'.
Off quai-Saint-Michel just east of the rue de la Huchette corner.

6th Arrondissement:
Jardin du Luxembourg
Just one of the many elegant parcs in Paris and this one is particularly suited for children to run off their excess energy. There is a fence playground. Families love to watch the Boules games. Best of all, is the large pond in which children can sail their sailboats (small rental fee) - just like you've seen in famous Impressionists' paintings. Tres Parisian! Oh, be sure not to walk on the grass!

Chocolate Shops
Might have to visit both of these, since both are famous and delicious.
Pierre Herme at 72, rue Bonaparte
Christian Constant at 37, rue d'Assas

Videos in English
The format for VCR tapes and CD's is different in France than in the U.S., so tapes and CD's from home won't play on French machines. Nice to know that there is an English video store in Paris!
PrimeTime Video
24, rue Mayet

7th Arrondissement:
Until August 31
Quai Branly Museum Summer Events and Outdoor Activities for Children
Quai Branly Museum
37, quai Branly

Fabulous Chocolat shop
'Michel Chaudin'
149, rue de l'Universite

Mailing from the Eiffel Tower
Kids would love to mail a postcard to themselves from the post office on the first level - a unique souvenir with a unique postmark. For shortest lines to ascend the Tower, queue up at least 20 minutes before the tower opens. Best view of the tower from the ground is from Trocadero across the Seine - very spectacular at night. More info at

Musee les Egouts - Paris sewer system tour
Kids are usually very intrigued with anything underground. This has a high "ick" factor they'll tell their friends back home about over and over again. I've seen ladies use perfumed tissues on this tour! Entrance is at end of Pont de l'Alma on the Left Bank
€ 4,00; kids 5-16: € 3,20; kids under 5: Free

8th Arrondissement:
Until August 2
Summer Workshops for Children
La Pinacotheque
28, place de la Madeleine
€ 7,00 - 9,00

All of August - September 14:
Armee Eternelle - China's Terracotta Army
La Pinacotheque Musee
28, place de la Madeleine
€ 7,00 - 9,00

Palais de la Decouverte - Place of Discovery
Filled with high definition, 3-D exhibits on chemistry, biology, physics, weather and tons more.

For a 'driving' experience that will impress any teenager, visit the top of the Arc de Triomphe for a view of the 12 avenues converging on the world's busiest, craziest traffic circle. French insurance companies consider both parties involved in any accident within this circle each 50% at fault!

9th Arrondissement:
Until August 3:
Lion King - Broadway Musical
Theatre Mogador
25, rue de Mogador
€ 25,00 - 99,00

Until August 2
Summer Sales - at least 30% & up to 50% off regular retail prices all over Paris!

Printemps Department Store
64, boulevard Haussman

and, on same street:

Galeries Lafayette Department Store
40, boulevard Haussman

Both stores are huge, historic monuments to shopping. Restaurants, grocery departments and specialty shops all under one roof. Galeries Lafayette has a wonderful toy department, complete with an in-house McDonald's on the same floor. Sign up for the free Fashion Runway Shows at the Galeries Lafayette website.

10th Arrondissement:
Canal Saint-Martin Bike Ride - The Canal was built by Napoleon to connect the Seine where it elbows sharply in northeastern Paris. Baron Haussmann covered portions of it, which created lovely parks on top of the water.

For a serene, relatively traffic-free ride, begin at the north end of Square Jules-Ferry and pedal north along the water. There are many beautiful little arched bridges along the route. This is an excellent way to expend the boundless energy that children seem to have. For bike rental info, see the Velib section in our July, 2008, Newsletter. You can easily access our Newsletter Archives by hitting the link, "newsletter archives", at the bottom of this edition.

11th Arrondissement:
All of August - October 25:
Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione - Circus
Cirque d'Hiver
110, rue Amelot
€ 10,00 - 45,00; Under 3= Free

12th Arrondissement:
Until August 31
Georges-Ville Farm - "Ferme de Paris"
Tour an actual working farm in Paris
Ferme Georges-Ville in Bois de Vincennes
Route de Pesage, Bois de Vincennes

All of August - October 12:
Butterfly Garden
Especially great for children
Parc Floral de Paris
Route de la Pyramide in Bois de Vincennes
€ 2,50 - 5,00

Parc Zoologique - Bois de Vincennes
Largest zoo in Paris and has two lakes with rowboats to rent
Avenue de Saint-Maurice in Bois de Vincennes

Children of the World sculptures - 21 monumental bronze images of children of all races, colors and creeds. Each over 6' tall, holding hands to form a gigantic "S".
Displayed on the Parc de Bercy terraces
41, rue Paul Belmondo

Parc Floral de Paris
Big musical treasure hunt in the heart of the Parc and live concerts on Delta Stage, a great way to familiarize kids with the vast world of music. Also, story telling and workshops focused on environmental awareness.
Esplanade du Chateau de Vincennes
Kids 5 - 12
Free after paying parc entry fee

Aquarium Tropical
Palais de la Porte-Doree
293, avenue Daumesnil

13th Arrondissement:
The Josephine Baker Floating Swimming Pool located on the Pont-de-la-Gare beneath the Francois Mitterand National Library has a unique sliding roof. Be sure to point out to the kids that the Library buildings are shaped like giant open books, standing on end. For more info on swimming in Paris, please refer to our July, 2008, Newsletter. You can easily access our Newsletter Archives by hitting the link, "newsletter archives", at the bottom of this edition.

14th Arrondissement:
Les Catacombs de Paris
Dark tunnels filled with bones (not for the child who might be nightmare prone!) Teens love this historical experience.
1, avenue du Colonel Henri Roi-Tanguy
€ 5,50 - 7,00; Ages 14 - 26: € 3,00

15th Arrondissement:
Le Ballon Eutelsat
A hot-air balloon ride in the center of Paris. Safely tied to the ground, the world's largest (12-stories tall) hot-air balloon rises 450' for a panoramic, 10 minute view of the city.
Quai Andre Citroen, along the Seine, in Parc Andre Citroen

16th Arrondissement:
Until August 27
Summer Workshops for Children
Music, clay modeling, film-making, multimedia, etc. Also, check out the zoo, rowboats and bumper cars.
Jardin d'Acclimatiation in Bois de Boulogne
€ 3,50 - 5,00

17th Arrondissement:
Accessories a Soie - What teen-aged girl wouldn't love a trip to this boutique filled with 6000 items? Silk scarves, ties, etc. and big name designers' items at half-price. A wonderful mom-and-daughter shopping trip.
21, rue des Acacias
Metro: Argentine

18th Arrondissement:
A beautiful, antique, colorful, musical Carousel ride at the base of the stairs leading up to Sacre Coeur is a very Parisian experience. On this very spot, the French Minister of War, Gambetta, escaped during the 1870 siege of Paris - in a hot air balloon!

Climbing to the top of the dome of Sacre Coeur for a spectacular view of all of Paris would be a camera-worthy effort.

For hamburgers and fries in an upscale, "only in Paris" type of place, look for the three-story, glass-fronted, Flatiron building at 100, rue Myrha, called FLOORS.

19th Arrondissement:
La Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie - an enormous science center. Areas are divided by ages for 3-5 year-olds and for 6-12 year-olds. Interactive exhibits allow kids to construct a home, compare their body to that of a favorite animal, and learn communications from a native drum to modern satellites.
Parc de la Villette
30, avenue Corentin Cariou

Until August 16
Circus -Centre National des Arts du Cirque
Parc de la Villette
211, avenue Jean Jaures
€ 10,00 - 19,00

All of August - November 30:
2 CV Expo -Citroen's 60th Anniversary Car Show
Parc de la Villette
30, avenue Corentin Cariou
€ 6,00 - 8,00

During All of August - December 31:
Circus - Diana Moreno Bormann
Place Skanderbeg
112, rue de la Haie Coq - Porte d'Auberviliers
€ 10,00 - 35,00; Under 3 = Free

All of August - January 5, 2009:
Zizi sexuel, l'Expo - Love & Sexuality Exhibition for the 9-14 year-old crowd
Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie - La Villette
Parc de la Villette
30, avenue Corentin Cariou
€ 7,00 - 9,00

20th Arrondissement:
Pere Lachaise Cimetiere - The most elite address in Paris! Kids will love exploring the tombs, all tumbled together in Gothic, scary array.

Begin at the top of the cemetery at the Porte Gambetta entrance for a leisurely stroll downhill to end at the original 17th century entrance. This is the largest greenspace in Paris and has 70,000 plots.

Oldest residents, Abelard & Heloise, were buried in the 12th century (any teen girl will be enthralled by their love story). Rocker Jim Morrison has a permanent plot here, although most people are moved after their 99-year lease expires.

Get a map at the entrance and find the most famous sites to determine your path. Allow at least an hour.

Bus 69, which runs from the Eiffel Tower to the top of Pere Lachaise, is a great way to get there - and, you will be passing 14 major Parisian attractions if you travel it's entire route.

Just outside of Paris:
All of August - October 26:
Les Grandes Eaux Musicales - Musical Fountain Shows
Parc du Chateau de Versailles - a short, lovely train ride from Paris
In Versailles, France
€ 6,00 - 8,00

And, of course, there's Disneyland Paris, as well. Info at

Jean E. Arnevick, Olympia, Washington, United States

Paris Calendar - August, 2008


Until August 4:
Katsushika Hokusai - Painter
Musee des Arts Asiatiques
69, place d'Iena - 16th arrondissement
€ 5,50 - 8,00

Until August 11:
"Traces du Sacre" - Religion in modern and contemporary art
Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou - 4th Arrondissement
€ 10,00 -12,00

Until August 24
African & Oceanian Art - Masterpieces of the Barbier-Muller Collection
Musee Jacquemart-Andre
158, boulevard Haussmann - 8th Arrondissement
€ 7,00 - 9,50. Under 7: Free

All of August - September 7
Peter Doig - Edinburgh Artist and "Bridget Riley" - British Artist
Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
11, avenue du President-Wilson - 16th arrondissement
€ 2,50 - 5,00

All of August - October 13
Georges Rouault - Exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the artist's death
Pompidou Centre
Rue Saint-Martin, Place Georges Pompidou - 4th Arrondissemen
€ 8,00 - 10,00

All of August - October 26
Cesar - Exhibition to mark the 10th anniversary of the artist's death
Fondation Cartier pour l'Art C9ontemporain
261, boulevard Raspail - 14th Arrondissement
€ 4,50 - 6,50


Until August 16:
Grace Kelly - Exhibition
Hotel-de-Ville, Salle Saint-Jean
5, rue Lobau - 4th arrondissement

Until August 17:
Dots Obsession - Exhibition by Yayoi Kusama
Grande Halle de la Villette
211, avenue Jean Jaures - 19th Arrondissement

Until August 31:
La Nuit Espagnole at the Petit Palais - Exhibition of Spanish Culture from 1865 - 1939
Petit Palais - Musee des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris
avenue Winston Churchill - 8th Arrondissement

All of August - September 14:
Armee Eternelle - China's Terracotta Army
La Pinacotheque Musee
28, place de la Madeleine - 8th arrondissment
€ 7,00 - 9,00

All of August - September 21:
Valentino - 200 haute couture gowns
Musee des Arts Decoratifs
107-111, rue de Rivoli - 1st arrondissement
€ 6,50 - 8,00

All of August - September 30:
"En Dehors du Temps" - Outside of Time, photography by Meredith Mullins
W Finance Conseil in Square d'Orleans (former home of George Sand)
80, rue Taitbout - 9th Arrondissement

All of August - October 5:
Napoleon - Symbols of Power Under the Empire
Musee des Arts Decoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli - 1st Arrondissement
€ 6,00 - 8,00

All of August - November 1
Aussi Rouge Que Possible - As Red As Can Be - Objects d'art, fashions, textiles, art
Musee des Arts Decoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli - 1st Arrondissement
€ 6,50 - 8,00

All of August - November 16:
Gerard Deschamps - French Nouveau Realisme movement
Musee des Arts Decoratifs
107, rue de Rivoli - 1st Arrondissement
€ 6,50 - 8,00

All of August - February, 2009:
L'homme Expose - A Perspective on the History of Man"
Le Musee de l'Homme in Palais de Chaillot
17, place du Trocadero - 16th Arrondissement
€ 5,00 - 8,00; Under 4 = Free


Until August 6:
All Stars Festival - Salsa, rock, funk, jazz and blues music
New Morning Jazz Club
7-9, rue des Petites-Ecuries - 10th Arrondissement
€ 22,00 - 25,00

Until August 24:
Summer on the Stage - "Scenes d'Ete"
Le Parc de la Villette
Allee du Belvedere - 19th Arrondissement

August 29:
Andre Rieu - in concert
Stade de France
Zac du Cornillon Nord - in Saint Denis
€ 51,00 - 151,00

August 2 - September 21:
Open-Air Classical Music Festival - "Festial Classique au Vert"
Parc Floral de Paris
Route de la Pyramide in Bois de Vincennes - 12th Arrondissement
€ 2,50 - 5,00

All of August - September 2:
Festival Musique en l'Ile - Church music in two churches
Eglise St-Germain-des-Pres
3, place St-Germain-des-Pres - 6th arrondissement
Eglise St-Louis-en-l'Ile
19 bis, rue St-Louis-en-l'Ile - 4th arrondissement
Prices vary

August 29 - September 20:
New Soloists Festival - Piano, flute, cello, violin and viola from all over the world
Serres d'Auteuil - Auteuil Greenhouse
2, avenue de la Porte d'Auteuil - 16th Arrondissement
€ 8,00 - 25,00

Film, Theater and Dance

Until August 3:
Lion King - Broadway Musical
Theatre Mogador
25, rue de Mogador - 9th Arrondissement
€ 25,00 - 99,00

August 6 - 24:
Moonlit Cinema in Paris - "Cinema au Clair de Lune"
Many locations - all outdoors

Until August 9:
Les Etes de la Danse - Paris Dance Festival
Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill - 8th arrondissement
€24,00 - 65,00

Until August 15:
Quartier d'Ete - Music, dance and theater festival
Many venues in Paris
Prices vary

Until August 17:
Open-Air Cinema - Outdoor screenings
Le Parc de la Villete
211, avenue Jean Jaures - 19th arrondissement

August 18 - September 7:
The Itinerant Festival from the Arenes de Montmartre - Pantomine, music, singing
"Treteaux Nomades"
Cour d'Hotel de Beauvais - 4th Arrondissement
Arenes de Lutece - 5th Arrondissement
Arenes de Montmartre - 18th Arrondissement
Plus other locations in Paris
€ 5,00 - 12,00

August 31 - September 7:
Silhouette Festival - Showcases the art of short films
Buttes Chaumont Parc - outdoors
Rue Botzaris - 19th Arrondissement

All of August - October 5:
Festival du Theatre de Verdure du Jardin Shakespeare - Four Outdoor Plays
Jardin du Pre Catelan
Bois de Boulogne - 16th Arrondissement
€ 15,00


Until August 2
Summer Sales - at least 30% & up to 50% off regular retail prices
Printemps Department Store
64, boulevard Haussman - 9th Arrondissement
Galeries Lafayette Department Store
40, boulevard Haussman - 9th Arrondissement

Until August 3:
Beach - Sand sports, rugby, baseball, petanque, swimming
Stade de France
One mile from Paris
€ 10,00 - 36,00

August 15:
French public holiday. Banks, administrative offices and most store and businesses
are closed. Most museums, monuments and restaurants will be open, some with
shortened hours.

Until August 17:
Paris Plage - Actual sandy beach
Right Bank of Seine
Between Pont Neuf and Hotel-de-Ville - 1st & 4th arrondissements

All of August - October 26:
Les Grandes Eaux Musicales - Musical Fountain Shows
Parc du Chateau de Versailles
In Versailles, France
€ 6,00 - 8,00

All of August - November 30:
2 CV Expo -Citroen's 60th Anniversary Car Show
Parc de la Villette
30, avenue Corentin Cariou - 19th arrondissement
€ 6,00 - 8,00

Jean E. Arnevick. Olympia, Washington. U.S.A.

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