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Welcome 2 France Newsletter January 2012
Hello !

Before we bid goodbye to 2011, we would like to thank you for booking with Welcome2France this year and for giving us the opportunity to make your travels to Paris comfortable and enjoyable. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.

Happy New Year to you and your family and our warmest greetings as we start another year!

This Month's Featured Apartments

Saint Germain des Pres - Luxembourg II

This wide 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom apartment accommodates up to 6 guests and is perfect for a large group of tourists. Its mature colors and professional feel also makes it the ideal apartment for businessmen and individuals who are visiting Paris for business; but those who seek leisure in Paris may also find this apartment a perfect fit for their needs.

Saint Germain des Pres - Odeon Suite

A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom wonder, the Odeon apartment looks and feels just like a 5-star hotel accommodation but unlike a common hotel suite, this beautiful loft comes with a flurry of apartment amenities which will make your stay much more comfortable and memorable. Its luxurious interior will surely make your Parisian experience more exciting.

Bastille - Saint Antoine Loft

With 2-bedrooms and 1-bathroom, the Saint Antoine Loft is perfect for a party of 6. It boasts a cozy interior with a wide dining area, a great view, and amenities that will surely impress residents and make your stay more comfortable. Its location in the 11th arrondissement also makes it the ideal choice for tourists who want to be closer to the best parks and shops in Paris.

Ring in the New Year!

The French are known for many things such as the Eiffel Tower, the elegant and flowery sound of the French accent, the Hausmann buildings, and their love for fashion, but the way they celebrate New Year is as noteworthy and memorable, to say the least.

Parisians celebrate New Year with such style and flavor that nationals from other countries who will be celebrating the end of 2011 in the City of Lights might consider their festivities and traditions a diversion from the ordinary route. When in Paris, your options for celebrating New Year are endless!

Paris is one of the best cities around the world to celebrate yearly highlights in, be it an anniversary, a birthday, Christmas, and ultimately, New Year. If you choose to go classy, you could always book for a popular French restaurant and celebrate any occasion over a tall glass of wine, but if you plan to go low-key, there are destinations in Paris where you can take your family to celebrate without breaking the bank.

Recipe for a Perfect Parisian New Year

All it takes to create the perfect mood for a Parisian New Year are good food, good wine, and good friends.

The sense of community among Parisians is prevalent during during the end onf the year celebrations as crowds grow in Champs Elysées and nearby areas to witness the firework displays by local revelers. Natives and travelers alike gather in Champs-Elysées starting at 8 PM, so if you don't want to lose a good spot from where you can see the fireworks display really well, secure your area by arriving early.

Other common places to meet 2012 include the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

From Champs-Elysées, you can witness a very memorable fireworks display and from another angle, you can see the Eiffel Tower fully lit with colorful bulbs. For those who have their cameras ready, watch out for the Eiffel Tower in its full-lit glory and the fountain of fireworks in the background. Getting the perfect shot takes a lot of effort, good timing and a good eye.

If you find Champs-Elysees or the area around the Eiffel Tower too crowded, you might want to try Montmartre or the Sacré Coeur Cathedral Plaza, to be exact. Montmartre is located high above the city and it gives you a spectacular view of the Paris skyline. From there, you can also see fireworks as well as the festive lights that line Champs-Elysées.

Best Places to Celebrate a New Year's Meal

It's up to you if you want to celebrate with a huge crowd or over a good meal. In Paris, there are appropriate places where you can spend time with family and friends over a French menu.

Since the Eiffel Tower is considered one of Paris' most popular sites, you could spend your New Year in 58 Tour Eiffel over an elegant, French-styled menu that includes champagne and Crémeux de chou-fleur et tourteau. Their dinner menu is served starting at 7:30 PM while the restaurant closes at 12:30 AM. Customers will be treated with live music throughout the entire night.

58 Tour Eiffel
Avenue Anatole France

If you're prepared for a more high-class dinner, but haven't made prior reservations in fancy restaurants, you might want to try L'Arc Paris for your small celebration. L'Arc Paris is a club and at the same time, a restaurant and is perfect for party-goers. If you haven't quite made your mind up whether to go clubbing or enjoy the ambiance of a cafe, L'Arc Paris gives you the best of both options.

L'Arc Paris
12 Rue de Presbourg

The same goes out for Le Duplex, a club located near Arc de Triomphe. Le Duplex sits on a picture-perfect location-- from here, you can see Champs-Elysées and the fireworks that will be set off by city revelers. Dinner in this restaurant starts at 8:30 PM while the clubbing and dancing opens at 11:00 PM.

Le Duplex
2 Bis Avenue Foch

Paris Fashion Week

There's a lot to look forward to next year, one of them being the Paris Fashion Week.

During the entire stretch of the Fashion Week, dignitaries, fashionistas, and investors from all over the globe will gather in the heart of Paris to showcase their stunning designs and Haute Couture creations. For fashion-forward people, the Paris Fashion Week is an important affair that pretty much highlights the work of talented designers and their contributions to the fashion industry.

Paris Fashion Week is actually part of a bigger series of fashion events known as the Big 4 Fashion Weeks. The international festival starts in New York, followed by London, England then Milan, Italy, and finally, Paris, France.

To open the 2012 Paris Fashion Week, Men's Fashion Collections will be showcased in popular designer and fashion houses across Paris.

To close, the world's top fashion designers will go showcase their elegant and unique creations during the Haute Couture event that starts on Monday, 23rd of January and ends on Thursday, January 26.

See your favorite designs make the runway by visiting Carrousel du Louvre on the dates above.

Resolutions for 2012

We are all so fond of creating resolutions, aren't we? Unfortunately, not a lot of us can keep up with our list of new habits and new practices for the new year. Some of us might need a little inspiration to start writing resolutions where others simply need to start with 5 good suggestions.

Next time you visit Paris, make sure to fulfill these top 5 to-do's in your bucket list:

1. Dine out in unusually-themed restaurants. Paris teems with restaurants that offer an unusual experience.

If you want to dine in complete darkness, your most common option would be Dans Le Noire. This restaurant has found its way into popular travel magazines and is highly recommended. If you fancy drinking wine from a baby bottle, try Le Refuge des Fondues (17 rue des Trois-Freres, 75018). Climbing on tables might be an unusual behavior when inside a restaurant but in Le Refuge, it's all good.

For car lovers, Auto Passion Cafe in 197 Boulevard Brune (75014) is a restaurant definitely worth a visit. It is where you can dine in stationary cars that serve as tables. Anyone with a fascination for automobiles would consider this place heaven.

2. Take a picture of yourself standing before the Eiffel tower in 10 different angles. Eiffel Tower can be seen from various neighborhoods and atop various buildings but perhaps, you've never seen the Eiffel Tower from 10 different vantage points, have you? This time around, make it a goal of yours to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower from the Louvre, Trocadero, and from other nearby (or far) locations.

TIP: Place du Trocadero is the best place to take a picture of Eiffel Tower. We definitely recommend visiting Trocadero to get the "perfect" pic.

3. Visit museums other than the Louvre. Museums are scattered all over Paris and Musee de Louvre is but one of hundreds, even thousands, of museums or centers of attraction. For your second (third, fourth, fifth and so on and so forth) trip to Paris, don't forget to drop by these unusual museums.

If you are visiting Paris with kids, take them to Musée de la Magie and/or Museum of the History of Medicine.

Musee de la Magie is where you can find props, tools, and whatnots used for magic tricks of yore. It's a very unusual place with lots of interesting pieces and trinkets you can't find anywhere else. The Museum of the History of Medicine, on the other hand, is a small venue that is jampacked with pieces intended for surgeries and medical use. It might be an unusual prospect but it is an exciting venue for kids and adults alike.

Musée de la Magie
11 Rue St Paul, 75004
Phone: 01 42 72 13 26
*Appointment necessary
Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine
12, Rue de l'Ecole de Médecine, 75006
Phone: 01 40 46 16 93

4. Sign up for the Paris Ghost Tour. Halloween may be months away but that doesn't mean you can't sign up for the Ghost Tour early. If you are visiting Paris next November, make your trip exciting by joining the annual Paris Ghost Tour. Prepare your wits and around 20 Euros for the tour.

5. Have a picnic at the Buttes Chaumont Park. Of all parks in Paris, Buttes Chaumont is located in one of the most scenic spots in the city. You could hold a picnic here with a friend and enjoy the lakes, waterfalls, and the natural landscape over a simple meal of juice and baguette.

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Calendar of Events for the Month of January 2012


New Year's Day Parade
January 1st, 2012
Montmartre (and in key areas in the city)

Chinese New Year Parade
January 23, 2012
Paris' Chinatown
M: Porte d'Ivry, Porte de Choisy

Art and Exhibitions

Laetitia Casta
January 18 2012 to March 25 2012
Hôtel Henault de Cantobre
Rue de Fourcy
District : Marais / Les Halles
Telephone number: 01-44-78-75-00
Fax: 01-44-78-75-15

Relief maps of France from Louix XIV to Napoleon III
January 18 2012 to February 17 2012
Avenue Winston-Churchill

Les masques de jade
28, place de la Madeleine
District : Opéra / Grands boulevards
Telephone number: 01 42 68 02 01
Fax: 01 42 68 02 09

Nature Sauvage à Paris
Les Thermalies
January 19 2012 to January 22 2012
99, rue de Rivoli
Telephone number: 01 73 28 15 54/57

Salon Paris Dog Show
January 7 2012 to January 8 2012
Route de la Pyramide
District : Bercy / Tolbiac / Bois de Vincennes
Telephone number: 01 41 79 33 50

FEATURED: Men's Fashion / Paris Fashion Week
January 18 to January 22, 2012

FEATURED: Haute Couture / Paris Fashion Week
January 23 to January 26, 2012


Ensemble Orchestral de paris
January 25 2012
15, avenue Montaigne
District : Champs-Elysées / Louvre
Telephone number: 01 49 52 50 00
Fax: 01 49 52 07 41

Le déluge de Saint-Saëns et la 2e symphonie de Beethoven
January 20 2012 to February 5 2012
Telephone number: 01 45 20 82 56

Orchestre de Paris
January 18 2012 to January 19 2012
252, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
January 6 2012
252, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Philharmonia Orchestra
January 27 2012
15, avenue Montaigne

Orchestre Romantique Européen
January 10 2012
45 rue La Boétie


Royal Danish Ballet: Napoli
January 9th 2012
Palais Garnier, Paris

January 22nd 2012
Opéra de la Bastille, Paris

The Queen of Spades
January 23rd 2012
Opéra de la Bastille, Paris

January 30th 2012
Opéra de la Bastille, Paris


Trophée FDJ de Paris - handball France - Norvège
January 12 2012
8, boulevard de Bercy

La danse fait son show
January 22 2012
8, boulevard de Bercy

12th traversée de Paris
January 12 2012
Esplanade du château de Vincennes
94300 vincennes

6th Coquille Saint-Jacques des Côtes d'Armor festiva
January 21 2012 to January 22 2012
District : Montmartre / Pigalle / Trinité

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