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Welcome 2 France Newsletter May 2016
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It's May, the sun is shinning and Paris is in full bloom. As the weather gets better and better, the streets get more and more packed with tourists. Summer is here and so is prime tourist season. But don't worry, we have you covered. In this newsletter, we're looking at some of the great parks you don't know about, to help you get out and explore the city and take advantage of the nice weather. We're also looking at some major sporting events which Paris will play host to and finally in honor of European museum night, we'll take a look at some great family friendly options.

This Month's Featured Apartments

Mouffetard - Monge I

This stunning 2 bedrooms apartment is located in one of the oldest and liveliest districts of Paris. In between Rue Mouffetard and the ancient Roman Arena of Luteces.

Notre Dame - Colbert Suite

This luxury apartment suite rental located in the heart of the Latin quarter, just a block from the river and Notre Dame Church, is perfect for a Paris base, or for a student (close to Sorbonne and other universities) as well for any one wishing to experience a long stay in Paris.

Passy - Trocadero II

This stunning family apartment is located in one of the oldest and liveliest districts of Paris. With hardwood floors throughout, this property can comfortably sleep 4 people in beds.

Passy - Trocadero I

This Haussmann designed apartment from 1863 with authentic wooden floor and fireplaces, is facing south with a balcony. Owned by a renowned international artist, this apartment is designed tastefully and decorated with sculptures and paintings in every room.

Park Life

While everyone else is scrambling to get to Versailles or the Jardin du Luxembourg, we're giving you some of the best alternatives to the major tourist haunts. Here, you'll be surrounded by more green than tourists.

Parc des Buttes - Chaumont

This park is really off the tourist trail although it is hard to understand why. It's a bit out of the way and most tourists don't really bother visiting it. This is a great secret gem to know. With winding paths and a super cool bar called Rosa Bonheur located in the center, you can spend the whole day in this mid 19th Century park.


Parc André Citroën

The perfect blend between nature and modern architecture, this park is truly unique. From magical stepping stones to computerized water fountains this park is not like any other in Paris. You can also have some amazing panoramic views of the city, via an enormous tethered helium balloon. Don't worry its perfectly safe, but maybe keep your feet on the ground if you have an issue with heights.


Bois de Vincennes

Depending on when you decide to visit, the largest park in Paris, it may be busy. But, the reason why it's included here is for two reasons. Firstly, despite its size, it is quite unknown to the typical weekend tourist. You might find it a bit busy with locals instead. But, secondly, it's so big that it doesn't really matter if its busy or not. There will always be a large space you can carve for yourself. Housing a racetrack, a baseball field, a botanic garden and a Buddhist temple, you can definitely find something to do here.

Forget Rio

As a world city, Paris tends to host some spectacular sporting events. While Rio gets ready for the Olympic games, there's some major events that are taking place pretty soon in Paris.


The whole continent is preparing for the U.E.F.A Euro Cup which will take place in the city next month. It runs from mid June to mid July and while be we be focusing more on this in the June edition, if you haven't already booked a place to stay in Paris, now is the time to act, as properties are becoming more and more difficult to find.

The French Open

The main event in Paris this month and one of the most important events in the calendar for the whole sporting year, is the French Open. Often referred to as Roland Garros, the event will take place from the 16th of May to the 5th of June. The best tennis players from across the globe will be in Paris to compete.
Along with Wimbledon in London, this event is hotly sought after. There are still some properties that we have available beside the Roland Garros park if you are one of the lucky few to have a ticket to the event. If not, there are still tickets available but you have to register on the website, key in your details and cross your fingers.

Child Friendly Museums

May is the month of European museum night. It started in 2005 and each year, it gets bigger and bigger. As the name suggests, museums from around the continent, open their doors, free of charge for the whole night. On may 18th, children are inspired as these museums offer story-telling, torch lit tours and a host of other events. But if you happen to miss that magical night, there's no need to panic. Here is a list of interactive museums your children will love all year round.

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

What was once a boring and rather dusty museum has been re branded, cleaned and is now one of the most dynamic museums in Paris. Reopening its doors in 2007, this museum lies somewhere between a hunting lodge and a natural history museum. The animals on display will make your kids feel like they are at the zoo.


Musée national de la Marine

A museum which explores the glorious history of the French naval force, this museum is packed with interactive displays, games and stories to make everyone engage in the story. There are talking sailors who will guide you through different parts of a 17th Century battle ship and there is even a virtual boat ride to help you understand the conditions, better.


Musée de la Poupée

It is one of the most outstanding museums for children, except there is one drawback. The drawback could be a massive one or a minor one, depending on your family – some boys tend to get a bit bored. The museum is almost entirely dedicated to dolls and doll houses. But the collection is very impressive. Interactive and particularly educational, you'll be amazed about dolls by the end of it.

Calendar of Events


Hubert Robert
The Louvre
All May
Rue de Rivoli

Paula Modersohn Becker
Musée d'Art Moderne
All May
11 Avenue du President Wilson

L'ironie a L'oeuvre
Centre Pompidou
All May
Rue Saint-Martin

Albert Marquet
Musée d'Art Moderne
All May
11 Avenue du President Wilson

Le Douanier Rousseau
Musée d'Orsay
All May
62 Rue de Lille

Exhibitions - Visual Arts

Collège des Bernardins
All May
20 Rue de Poissy

L'Art de Blue Sky
Art Ludique
All May
34 Quai d'Austerlitz

Musée des Arts Decoratifs
All May
107 Rue de Rivoli

Monumenta 2016 - Huang Yong Ping, Empires
Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
May 8th - June 18th
3 Avenue du General Eisenhower


La Galerie del Instant
Until May 30
46 Rue de Poitou


Autour des Dinosaures
Palais de la Decouverte
All May
Avenue de Franklin Roosevelt

Double Je
Palais de Tokyo
Until May 15th
13 Avenue du President Wilson

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