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Welcome 2 France Newsletter August 2016
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The hottest month of year and the magical time when Paris is virtually abandoned by Parisians, August is the month where everything stops and everyone relaxes. This month, we have some alternative suggestions on how to spend time with your children, enjoy some outdoor culture and escape the heat and crowds.

Champs Elysées - Foch Mansion

This beautiful private mansion on 4 levels with private elevator on each level and air conditioning through all the areas, has a minimalist inspired interior design that is both elegant and chic. With 284sqm, this luxury Paris mansion is incredibly spacious and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Louvre Palais Royal III

This sleek designed apartment has a generous living room, a cozy office/study room, a vast dining room that can seat up to 8 guests and a professional style kitchen. There are three bedrooms composed of a Queen and two double beds with plenty of closet space to spare.

Saint Germain Des Pres

This luminous abode is equipped with all the basic amenities to make you feel at home in this stylish Parisian apartment. To maximize in space, there is an open living and dining area with a table that can seat up to six people. This entire apartment faces the street and the windows are all double-glazed.

August Culture

While it is true to say that most of the artists in Paris take a bit of a break in the month of August, there are still events happening. Permanent exhibitions in the leading museums tend to be the main attraction for tourists in Augusts, but rather than telling about all about the other exhibitions happening, it's probably a better to idea to go outside and enjoy the summer breeze.

Cinéma au Clair de Lune
Outdoor Cinema at its finest. Literally the festival of "cinema by moonlight", has been going strong now for almost 30 years. The great thing about this festival is that it's completely free. Outdoor screenings of some of the greatest movies in the world take place in some of the most romantic locations in the city, such as the steps of Montmarte and the Parc Montsouris and Parc de Choisy. The event runs from the 29th of July until the 14th of August.

Each year, the event has special theme and this year the theme is New York (at least that what it seems like, from the movie choices) Expect classics from legendary directors such as Woody Allen, and Martin Scorsese. And remember this is no ordinary trip to the movies. Pack a luxury evening picnic and some special French wine to really max out the experience. English language movies are also shown in original version with French subtitles. For my information check the link below.

Rooftop Fun in the Sun

Want to escape the heat? While every concrete building is making you feel hotter and hotter there is only one logical thing to do. Stay inside? No, go on top of the building and drink on the roof. Here are some of the best roof top bars and cafes in the city, where you can escape the crowds and escape the heat and relax with a good glass of wine.


Super chic and stylist this place has a modern younger vibe and is a great place for enjoying beautiful views of the River Seine. It's huge and there plenty of space to walk around and it's completely free to enter. Be advised however, it can get super busy at the weekends, so unless you want to party crazy, go early in the evening or on a weekday.
36 Quai d’Austerlitz

Shangri la – La Rooftop Lounge

With a name like that, you know it means luxury. The rooftop of the Shangri La boasts one of the most stunning skyline spots of Paris, with a excellent view of the Eiffel Tower. This place has some of the finest cocktails in the world. It doesn't really get any more luxurious than this. Sit back and enjoy being treated like royalty.
10 Avenue d’Iéna

Déli-Cieux  Bar

One of my favorites because a lot of people don't bother to come here. A completed different experience from the Shangri-La but still with stunning views. This rooftop bar is located on top of Printemps, one of the oldest department stores in Paris, it's not quite a luxurious and hip as the other two places but what I like about this is the mix of people. A great place to have a coffee – don't bother with the food.
64 Boulevard Haussmann

Family Fun

This is the month, where virtually all children are off from school. So it's important to include them in your holiday plans. Yes, we have Disneyland and Paris Zoo is great. But are some suggestions, we bet you never thought about. They are fun and a great to see the city, culture and get some quality family bonding.

Cook'n Class
Yes its a cookery school and it's primarily for adults. But if you child is aged between 7 and 12, why not give them an amazing French experience by teaching them how to make some delicious French desserts. And it's taught in English too, so don't worry, no language barrier. Your child might just be the next Masterchef.

Musée de la Magie
With a name like the Magic Museum, it's bound to get the little ones excited. All you ever wanted to know about magic tricks, the museum has over 100 items on display from the world of magicians and party tricks. With fun, interactive displays its a great way to spend an afternoon is generally not too busy, even in the summer months.
11 Rue Saint-Paul

Ile de la Cité Flower and Pet Market
It's like the zoo only much better because you can fit in some shopping too. You never know what you will find in this crazy market but parrots of different colors are almost always guaranteed. A cool mix between flowers and pets, your kids will be busy petting the rabbits for sale and looking at the strange type of fish on offer, while you can have a browse and see if you can pick up a bargain.

The market is open during the week but if you really want just a little bit of shock value and to marvel some crazy animals then go on the weekend. If you are serious about grabbing a bargain, so early as they get snapped up pretty fast.

Calendar of Events


Beat Generation
Centre Pompidou
All August
Rue Saint-Martin

Albert Marquet
Musée d'Art Moderne
Until August 21st
11 avenue du Président Wilson

L’Esprit singulier
Halles Saint Pierre
Until August 26tht
2 rue Ronsard

Paula Modersohn Becker
Musée d'Art Moderne
Until August 21st
11 Avenue du President Wilson

Dock en Seine
Until August 21th
34 Quai d'Austerlitz

Palais de Tokyo
All August
13 avenue du Président Wilson


Dusty Kid
Rex Club
August 5th
5 boulevard Poissonnière

Hoodie Allen
La Bellevilloise
August 18th
21 Rue Boyer

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