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Welcome 2 France Newsletter February 2017
Hello !

The detox is finished and all our New Years Resolutions have turned to dust. It's still really cold out and although our days are getting a little bit longer, it's still a long way to summer. So, it seems like there's only one thing to do. Stay indoors, laugh and eat. This month, we're showcasing some yummy treat which may not be so good for your waistline but taste great and we're showing you some amazing events to help pass away those cold evenings

This Month's Featured Apartments

Trocadéro - Poincaré 3 bedrooms I

This magnificent 154 square meters 3 bedroom 3 bathroom Paris luxury apartment rental is located avenue Raymond Poincaré in the 16th arrondissement, on the 4th French floor of 20th century building and it sleeps 6 people.

Trocadero - Poincaré 2 bedrooms

Located along Avenue Raymond Poincare, this spacious 100m2 2 bedroom 2 bathroom property is found on the 9th and last floor of a modern building, built in 1966. This wonderful abode is ideal for two couples or a family of four.

Champs Elysées - Lesueur

This luminous property is a spacious 105m2 2 bedroom 2 bathroom located along Rue Lesueur in the 16th district. Located on the 5th French floor (with elevator in the building), a lot of natural light and quiet are of the essence.

One of the largest events of its kind in the whole world, the officialy titled 'Paris Graphic Design Festival', and no French name, runs for almost the entire month of February. With a cool mix of exhibitions that showcase work from some outstanding designers and programmers, there are also talks, workshops and a host of events.

If you're thinking to yourself- "I'm not really into graphic design", well then, you'd be like me. I thought the same but if you're reading this on a computer or tablet you are part of it and the festival is not just designed for the experts. Although a lot of them will be on hand to predict the next big digital trends.

Our pick from this wonderful festival would have to be -

Poster for Tomorrow - Make Extremism History

An open air exhibition which runs for the whole festival. Now more than ever the themes explored by the 100 artists are important, engaging and interesting to look at. The event, like everything else in the festival, is completely free. A harrowing glimpse at the future or an optimistic chance for love and tolerance? You decide. The event takes place in

16 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute.

For information about this and all the other events, log onto the address below....

A Cheese For Every Day

At Welcome2France, we know about our food. OK, we know how to eat food ( we may not be so good at making it). The past few newsletters have focused on various aspects of French cuisine and while January was all about fruit and veg and detoxing from the excesses of Christmas, we decided it was time to focus on the excesses once more.. and enter cheese. Cheese is probably the greatest thing mankind has ever done and there's a famous French saying that they have a different cheese for each day of the year. Do you think so? In fact, they have so many more. So you already know about Brie and Camembert, right? Of course you do, you're so cultured. But maybe you've never heard of these ones.


Mont d'Or

This is a soft cheese which is specifically grown along the French-Swiss border. If you want to branch out from the standard cheeses that you know about, then this would be a good start. It's a soft cheese but it's a strong cheese but it's not a particularly sharp cheese.
Translation? You can spread it or dip it, it will go BOOM in your mouth but there won't be any after-taste. It's packaged in wooden boxes and it's the same type of wood where the cheese has matured. So it has a slight woody aroma. It's not available all year round only in colder months. So grab as much of it as you can!


Saint Agur

A creamy blue cheese that greatly varies in strength. You are advised to try it before you buy it (that is of course if you buy it from a cheese shop. You can also get these prepackaged in the supermarket). There is no Saint called Agur and it's not even a French town, so the name is a bit of a mystery but the reason why people like it, is not. It's pretty much like a Roquefort cheese only better and it's really low in salt.
OK, it's basically 60% fat, but you can lie to yourself and say that it's not that bad because the salt is low.



Strange name? Well, it's from the Basque country in the south of France. Etorki is a pressed cooked sheep cheese. A pressed cheese is the correct term for what normal people, like you and me would call a hard cheese. It's not a spreadable cheese but that's OK, you don't need bread. This cheese is great with wine and grapes. It's only made in the first six months of the year and production stops around June.

It has a kind of brown orange colour and is great with fruit or in salads. The name, Etorki, means 'origin' in the Basque language.



Noses at the ready please! This cheese will probably blow your head off. It's delicious and packed full of flavour but hold your nose if you're anywhere near it. It is known for it's strong smell and while that might be a deterrent for many, it's part of what the French experience is all about.
A favourite of Napoleon, there's a rumour that I couldn't find any evidence of online, that this cheese is actually banned from public transport across France. Probably a joke, but do try it out where you find it, just in case!

Where to find these delicious cheeses?

There is a philosophy I believe to be very true - you can learn a lot about a country by visiting its museums and monuments but you can learn a lot more by visiting its bars and supermarkets. Supermarkets might seem boring but I think they can give a great insight into how a community lives. Most of these cheeses can be found in major supermarkets in Paris but a cheese shop is better. Why? Well, you can taste them, ask for advise and discover hundreds of other cheeses that you didn't know existed.

Fromagerie Laurent Dubois

In the luxury district of Saint Germain, this place has the best selection that you can find in Paris and it's a must for any cheese lover. The district, the display, the smell, the other local customers and the service. It just screams Paris. Don't get carried away now, it is a cheese shop but this is about as iconic as they come. There is a sister shop in the 4th district if that's nearer to your apartment

47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005


Unlike Music, Opera, Ballet or Art Galleries, Theatre is an art form that just doesn't travel very well. Is it worth paying money and sitting in a theatre for two and a half hours if you have absolutely no idea what's happening and you can't follow the plot? Well, that's debatable and depends entirely on how much you like the art form. Unlike a lot of other European cities such as Barcelona or Amsterdam, the theatre scene in Paris, is, as you would expect, almost exclusively in the French language. But if you're travelling to Paris in February then you're in luck. There are two shows in English which are getting great reviews in Paris and you don't need an expert knowledge in French to follow the story.

Cuckoo's Nest (Nid de Coucou)

Psychiatric hospital, crazy nurses and larger than life puppets? Yes please. This theatrical offering comes all the way from Cornwall (UK) and is loosely based on Ken Kesey’s original novel of the same title. If you speak absolutely no French (like several of my friends) you will laugh and be entertained but you will not be able to follow EVERYTHING as some knowledge of French is required. Blurring the line of language and absurdity, this show is a great escape from a cold evening.

Romanès Cirque Tzigane

Square Parodi, blvd de l'Amiral Bruix, 75016


#FRANGLAIS --- by Paul Taylor

This event is completely in English and it's stand-up comedy, so definitely more laughs and less brain power needed. The very talented Paul Taylor became a sensation on YouTube and now is taking his show across France. Most of the humour and jokes are aimed at the French (in the most adorable fashion possible).
Expect a very international crowd and the odd joke to go over your head - if you've just arrived in the city for the first time.

         Le Sentier des Halles

 50 rue d'Aboukir, 75002

Calendar of Events


Jean-Luc Moulène - Rétrospective
Centre Pompidou
Until February
Rue Saint-Martin

Musée d'Orsay
Les premiers dimanches du mois
All February
1, rue de la Légion d'Honneur

Eli Lotar
Jeu de Paume
From February 14th
1 place de la Concorde

Corps en mouvement
Le Louvre
All February
Rue de Rivoli

Vincent Perez
Maison Européenne de la Photographie
All February
5-7 rue de Fourcy

L'Esprit du Bauhaus
Musée des Arts Décoratifs
Until February 26th
107 rue de Rivoli


La Maroquinerie
February 1st
211 avenue Jean Jaurès

AccorHotels Arena
February 3rd
8 Boulevard de Bercy

La Bellevilloise
February 10th
21, rue Boyer

The Temper Trap
Le Trabendo
February 16th
Parc de la Villette


Cinema Le Brady
February 2nd
39 boulevard de Strasbourg

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