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Welcome 2 France Newsletter July 2017
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Arguably the busiest month in Paris, you can expect the streets to be awash with locals and tourists during the sunny month of July. A great month to visit the city, some iconic events are taking place this month. As usual, the Paris Plages (Paris Beach) is here, with its sand, deck chairs, floating pool and live music. The world's most famous bike race, the Tour de France will finish under the Eiffel Tower. And of course, how can we forget the national day of the entire country, Bastille Day on July 14th. We have some details of these events at the bottom. But we decided to focus on events either happening right now, as a once off, or annual local events that you probably don't know about.

This Month's Featured Apartments

Passy - Nicolo

This Paris luxury apartment rental is the main residence of a Parisian couple, located on the 5th floor (lift) of a modern and secured building. It is situated in the heart of the lively and upscale Passy quarter.

Brussels - Louise Stephanie IV D

This exceptional and luxury two level penthouse is located on the 4th and top floor (with elevator) of a beautiful listed building in Brussels that has just been completely renovated. it is overlooking the prestigious 'Place Stephanie'.

Montparnasse - Atelier Loft

This artists' loft is located inside the courtyard of a wooden landscaped garden in a modern building. It is very quiet and peaceful as all windows look out to the stunning garden below. It is located in the 14th district.

Exhibition of the Month - Kiefer - Rodin

If you have a museum named after you then you probably had a pretty significant impact on the art world, right? Enter Kiefer - Rodin. 2017 marks the centenary of Rodin's death. So how are they marking it? Well, that's the exciting part - the museum has created an exhibition with the world famous German painter, Anselm Kiefer, somewhat influenced by the first making this a quite unique exhibition to attend.

Although there are tonnes of great museums to visit, this exhibition is one of a kind and just opened this month and according to the museum, there are no plans to tour with it. So, it really is one of a kind from one of the most well-known contemporary artists. A cool mix of sculpture and painting, Anselm Kiefer was essentially given a free pass to create whatever he wanted.

If you are not an art lover in any way, then OK, it's fair to say, this may go over your head. But if you are, for a mere 7 euros, you are bound to have a great experience and really feel something. Located in the 7th district of Paris, the building, although small is beautifully restored and has a beautiful garden to relax in. Perfect for July.

The Paris Summer Festival

Not a lot is really mentioned about this event online (in English) or in the tourist guides. Since the 1990's, it has successfully brought art and entertainment to Paris and the surrounding neighbouring cities. Over 70 different performances in over 30 locations will take place across the summer. The event starts on July 14th and there's pretty much something to do everyday.

Whether it's circus, concerts, music, dance or theatre there is something that caters to every need and most of it free. If it's not free, there might be a minimal cost ( 5 euros more or less), it's not bound to break the bank. All of the events are also child and family friendly. This festival is a great way to connect with the local life of wherever you're staying.

Here at Welcome to France, we do love a Top pick. The web address is listed below, but we know you might not have time to go researching through loads of events. So, if we were forced to pick one event ( which would be very horrible indeed), we'd probably choose the event on July 17th.

It takes place in the 16th district in a modern art building called Maison de la Radio. The event is called Battle of the Styles and as the name suggests, it's pretty much a combination of different art forms all represented together on a stage in a creative way. Picture ballet dancers, elegantly dancing to rap music and you're on the right track.

Here Be Treasure

A treasure hunt, really? Yes. What might seem like something kinda basic it's actually a genius way to see the city. It's outdoors and encourages you to see it for yourself. It's educational and helps you get a sense of the local culture. It's also completely free and you could be in with a chance to win prizes from shops in the local district.

Sold yet? There is one tiny drawback, you do need to know a few words of French (but you can totally cheat, that's what Google is for). The hunt comes alive in July and is suitable for everyone. As part of the Summer Festival, it has been going strong for over 15 years and attracts more and more hunters every year.

Technology Expo

Are you tired of French things? Well, we hope not. But sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming. Or maybe you're not just visiting for the weekend and you've been travelling around the country. Perhaps you need to disconnect from all things French, just for a minute. We forgive you, it's OK. Or maybe you just want to go somewhere were there will be no tourists. Yes, that right, exactly what you were thinking, an exhibition all about Japan.

Why? Oh why not, it's pretty cool. You'll find out some amazing historical and cultural things about Japan and the art on display is amazing. But honestly, it's not about the art, it's about... the costumes. There's a huge Cosplay competition and the outfits are incredible. Make sure you have your cameras ready.

Also the video games and technology sector will showcase the future of gaming and entertainment. A must for geeks but also a great reward for the children on your holiday who were forced to look at art all morning. Running from the 6th to the 9th of July, the event takes place in Zac Paris Nord 2.

The location is not exactly central but it is easily accessed by national train, called the SNCF ( the metro won't run here). The link below contains directions, tickets and opening time information... in English. The events costs 12 euros and considering the size, it's very good value. You could spend the whole day in there.

Calendar of Events


The Louvre
All July
Rue de Rivoli

Pissaro à Eragny
Musée National du Luxembourg
All July
19 rue de Vaugirard

Olga Picasso
Musée Picasso
All July
5 rue de Thorigny


Robbie Williams
AccorHotel Arena
July 03th
8 Boulevard de Bercy

Celine Dion
AccorHotel Arena
June 04th
8 Boulevard de Bercy

Stade de France
July 15th

Mary J Blige
July 14th
28 boulevard des Capucines

Stade de France
July 25th


Paris Plages
Various Locations across the City
All July

Tour de France
Eiffel Tower
July 23rd

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