Welcome 2 France Express Booking Explained

Express Booking is only available for some of our apartments in high demand and aims at guiding you to your Parisian dream through a few easy steps and clicks, and no bad surprises, such as fluctuating exchange rates to your disadvantage, lost emails, misunderstood or overlooked legal or practical issues, and in the end, the accommodation you've set your heart on being taken by someone luckier or simply abandoned through discouragement.

These things happen through the longer procedures we still have to maintain for other apartments due to some inadequations, but we do strive to solve them as our selection of high standard apartments refines.

When searching by date, or just browsing the different apartments on our site, the ones available through this procedure are marked with the logo and thus, easy to spot !

When you have searched by period and have chosen an apartment that offers a :

Click now for

simply do exactly that to be guided through the entire procedure that will idealy take you all the way to a fully confirmed reservation in a fraction of the average time it takes and four easy steps :

  • 1/ Submit your personal information and accommodation details.
  • 2/ Read your prefilled contract and commit to rental by accepting the terms online.
  • 3/ Visit your own private rental page and receive an email with instructions to come back when you wish.
  • 4/ Secure your reservation in minutes (or max 12 hrs) through the utilities provided on your private page.

Payments may be accomplished instantly from within your private page, but not only, and far from it :

On your page, available to you before, during and until one month after your stay, you will find all you need to remember, PDF documents to read and print, a private messaging system attached to your booking, links to insurance and even an automated transport reservation facility .. To make it short, a single link to all you need to remember or follow as your rental status evolves and all the internet has to offer to make the process of renting and enjoying an apartment in Paris a breeze !

Though we are quite confident you will find our 'Express Booking' the simplest, quickest and safest way to secure a private rental on the internet, if along the way you need extra time or don't understand a feature, we will be glad to help you out by phone or email. So, do not hesitate to take advantage of this powerfull and unique facility at no other risk than a high standard stay in the most beautiful city in the world without any of the usual worries !!

Hoping to meet you soon, please feel free to contact us through one of the following if you need any information or help whatsoever :

Phone : +1 (650) 267 4328 (Free local call)