Welcome 2 France Travel Talk

Here will soon be coming a space for our visitors, whether already our clients or not, to express their experiences and share their souvenirs from traveling in Paris and elswhere in Europe. We hope to make this page less a forum than a collection of the best of our visitors writings for everyone to enjoy.

We will also be awarding the very best prose with free stays in our luxury apartments from time to time !!

Until we have all the ties for a more official launch, here is a selection of essays submitted in 2007 for our very first essay contest that we feel deserve to be published and hope you will have the leisure to explore ..

Paris by Heart by Maxine Schur
Everything Happens for a Reason by Gail Chu
They Think we're Nuts ... by Jean Arnevick
Romance and Glamour by Julia Haines
Genetic Memory by Mary Ann Nicoud
Still Vivid by Michalene Baskett
Very Welcome by Sheila Campbell
Summertime in Paris by Sheila Wilson
Whitmans Words by Julia Claire Piper
The 'Grande Dame' by James Williams
Paris Restaurants by Susan Faistl
Paris Again by Diane M. Sabo