1. Description:
This agreement is between the guest(s) represented by the undersigned (first name, name) : Customers Full Name - hereafter referred to as 'The CLIENT' and All Luxury Apartments Ltd, which operates the welcome2france.com website referred as 'The LETTER'. This agreement details the terms and conditions which apply between 'The CLIENT' and 'The LETTER' relating to the CLIENT rental property. This agreement is a licence to occupy the property during the agreed period as set out in the CLIENT's reservation. The LETTER provides an online booking service that helps the CLIENT book accomodations. The service of the LETTER is legally limited to displaying apartments and communication regarding bookings until a booking confirmation is sent by email. The liability of the LETTER is limited to the amount of the LETTER's commission.

2. Purpose:
The LETTER grants to the CLIENT a short term residence or holiday home, in accordance with the conditions stated below, which the CLIENT must adhere to. The above mentioned residence is to be used exclusively for private and personal use. Subletting or usage for commercial purposes such as office or business unit is strictly prohibited. The CLIENT understands and accepts that the accommodation and services are only provided in the framework of a business or pleasure trip to City and that this is the principle underlying condition to the validation of this contract.

3. Terms:
The CLIENT agrees to the rental of the Apartments Name apartment situated : Apartments Address, for the period from date  to date , that is nights, for a rate of total price in Euros net for a party of # persons. If the number of occupants is not respected, the LETTER will apply a 250 EUR/ night fee or the LETTER reserves the right to cancel the rental contract and keep the entire cost of your rental.

The net rate includes : all applicable taxes as well as linens, towels (1 set per guest - extra towels and linens can be provided for extra cost and for rentals from 14 nights towels and linens will be changed weekly), standard kitchen utensils, average electricity consumption, gas, water, free telephone service (incoming), free Internet service, free TV service and # hours (based on apartments surface) final cleaning (+ 20 euros/hour charged beyond this limit).

The net rate excludes : Above average electricity consumption (by reading the meter), rental insurance, extra set of towels (20 EUR per set per person depending on availability), portable crib rental and high chair rental (60 EUR per each order per stay depending on availability), extra services Fee-based, personalized Concierge Services, taxi or shuttle transfer services, late arrival, early departure or late departure, overtime waiting fee by the LETTER's representative of 20 EUR per hour if delay last more that 45 minutes and phone calls that are not included in the package of the rental property (ask the LETTER or its representative for more details).

4. Conditions:
The CLIENT (including all accompanying members and acquaintances of the party he or she is representing, above 18 years old) agrees to commit no act that could disturb the tranquility of the other residents of the building where the rental occurs. Any disorderly or unruly behavior is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT and the LETTER relinquishes complete and absolute responsibility if a third party is involved. The CLIENT must comply with the building regulations and agrees:
a) To enforce a strict non-smoking rule inside the property and failure to comply will results in a 250 EUR smoking cleaning fee and/ or will result in immediate eviction. Smoking is also not allowed on balcony or building courtyard.
b) Animals are not admitted except through prior written arrangement.
c) Quiet hours are from 9 pm to 8 am, during which time the noise from the property shall not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbors. Be considerate to your new neighbors! Please reduce any volume during quiet hours and make sure to close windows to avoid travelling noise. Your new neighbors are intolerant of noise and will call the Police and/ or will inform the Home Owner Association
d) The CLIENT is not allowed to put anything on the walls or to move equipment and furniture, to transfer the rental or sublet the property, to practice any commercial or other activity on the premises, to conduct any illegal or immoral activity, to leave any obstruction outside the property or common parts of the building, to do or per
mit nuisance, damage, annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the residents of the building.

If we receive complaints from the Home Owner Association or from the Police about any nuisance by the CLIENT caused to the neighbors and the building, we may lose the right to rent this property; the CLIENT will be immediately evicted, will lose damage deposit, and may be held liable for consequential damages and losses.

During the rental of the property the LETTER reserves the right to carry out urgent work in the property (agreed to with the CLIENT), without affecting the negotiated price. The CLIENT agrees to allow the HOST to access into the property with prior notice of at least one day (except in cases of emergency), in order to accomplish these tasks. The CLIENT must justify to be covered by insurance according to the Law in case of damage caused by fire, an explosion or flood, either by its own insurance or by a one subscribed specifically for the length of the stay.

5. Booking and Payments:
By accepting these terms the CLIENT agrees to pay the rental and authorises the LETTER to collect the payment amount referred to in the reservation.

Deposit: To book the requested property in accordance with the present agreement, the CLIENT agrees to send an initial payment of 50% of the rental in order to secure the booking, to All Luxury Apartments LTD, the LETTER. This deposit will be accepted by the LETTER, via a wire transfer in EURO ONLY or credit card. Please note that payments by wire transfer are all in EURO ONLY and payments by credit card are with 4% administration fee. The booking is considered final once the initial payment has been effectively received by ALL LUXURY APARTMENTS LTD.

Balance payment: The outstanding balance is due in full by cash in EURO ONLY on arrival, by traveler's checks in EURO on arrival, by credit card and wire transfer 2 WEEKS PRIOR to arrival for sufficient time for the payment to clear. NOTE: Credit card payments and bank checks are not accepted on arrival.

6. Cancellation policy:
24 hours FREE Cancellation period: The LETTER give the CLIENT the flexibility to cancel a rental and get a full refund within 24 hours after payment, only for cancelation at least 30 days before arrival.
Early Cancellation: For cancelation at least 60 days before arrival, CLIENT will be charged 50% of the total rental cost.
Late Cancellation: For cancelation within 60 days, no refund will be possible by the LETTER.
Cancellation flexibility: The LETTER remain flexible, under special circumstances, to give CLIENT the opportunity to postpone his stay for the same property within one year valid period depending on availability minus a 250 EUR cancellation fee. This flexibility is valid only for notification at least 30 days before arrival.
Cancellation at any-time: A cancellation at any-time with a full or partial refund is possible only in the case the LETTER is able to re-rent the CLIENT rental period. CLIENT will be refunded accordingly to the number of re-rented days minus a 250 EUR cancellation fee. The LETTER will do the best to re-rent the CLIENT apartment rental during the booked dates, in hopes of being able to refund CLIENT deposit, but unfortunately, there are no guarantees.
Strictly no-refund policy:
- No Refund possible for rental interruption and early departures for any reason at any time
- No Refund possible for a "no-show"

Property Transfers: No property transfer by request of CLIENT will be made once the reservation has been confirmed.
Cancellation with Rental Insurance: Please refer to the rental insurance policy or contact the LETTER for more information.
Cancellation procedure: The LETTER ask a writting confirmation of any cancelation by the CLIENT. A confirmation email is required from CLIENT, in order to give permission to cancel the property under one of the cancelation option listed above.
NOTE: A travel insurance covering vacation and/or short term rental cancellations is therefore strongly recommended.

The LETTER will not be held responsible for cancellation. It is unlikely that the LETTER will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements once CLIENT's deposit has been received. However, in the unlikely event of a 'force majeure', (events outside the LETTER's control), the LETTER accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of any alteration, cancellation, loss or damage caused by political unrest, war, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, strikes, Governments, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, storms, floods, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, technical or administrative problems with transport, closure of airports, or any other occurrences amounting to 'force majeure' and/or acts of God. Our Company reserves the right to cancel -- in whole or in part -- the aforesaid reservation due to acts of the Owner, God, or force majeure, with prior written notice to User.

The LETTER is not entitled to cancel a booking once a confirmation of booking has been sent. However there may be circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the LETTER or emergencies in which the property is unavailable for all or part of a Rental Period and in those exceptional circumstances the LETTER will do what is possible to assist the CLIENT and the HOST will arrange (through the LETTER) for suitable alternative accommodation during the Rental Period (which will, if possible, be of comparable quality). The LETTER will inform the CLIENT immediately if the requested property is not available for whatever reason for the time requested and offer a comparable substitute. If the offered substitute is not acceptable to the CLIENT or if there is no available substitute, this contract will be deemed null and void and all deposits previously accepted shall be immediately refunded within the same method payment and same currency. Note that the LETTER is not responsible for exchange rate fluctuation.

7. Responsibilities:
The CLIENT is responsible and liable for any and all damages caused to property by CLIENTS or members of CLIENT Party. The CLIENT agrees to leave the property in the same state as when the CLIENT entered the property. The LETTER offers a property in good conditions and working order. The CLIENT is responsible for any defacement to the property during the entire rental period. Liability also include fire, theft, and water damage.

The LETTER cannot be held responsible in case of any mechanical breakdowns or malfunctioning equipments, nor for maid service issues. Problems in the property will be handled in a timely and professional manner but are subject to availability of repair people, etc. Though the LETTER will do all the necessary to have any mechanical breakdown of equipment in the property or the co-property repaired as quickly as possible or have the maid services to come again. There will be no refunds or adjustments for malfunctioning equipments.

The LETTER does not guarantee quiet use or enjoyment of the property due to noise from other party, construction, maintenance, road work, etc. from neighboring properties or municipal areas and will not grant a reduced price or a rental refund for circumstances originating outside the property which are LETTER's out of control.

The CLIENT shall exercise reasonable caution to prevent the occurrence of theft including locking all doors and windows during the times that the CLIENT is not inside the property. The CLIENT understands that the LETTER undertake no responsibility for the CLIENT personal belongings and as well in case of loss, damage, or theft to CLIENT'S personal property.

The LETTER cannot be held liable by the CLIENT under any circumstances for claims related to any alteration, cancellation, loss or damage caused by political unrest, war, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, strikes, Governments, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, storms, heat wave, bad weather, floods, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, technical or administrative problems with transport, closure of airports, or any other occurrences amounting to 'force majeure' and/or acts of God. The CLIENT shall not attempt to recover damages from the LETTER.

The LETTER cannot accept any liability for failure of public supplies such as water, electricity, gas, heating, air conditioning, internet service, Cable TV service or any delayed reparation by outside service provider. Given that the internet service, Cable TV and telephone incoming service are free services provided at the property by the owner, the LETTER cannot be held responsible for any connection problems. No refund shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, or personal preferences with regard to cable TV service, internet service or telephone incoming service. Nor for dysfunction of co-owned facilities including elevators, electric doors, building door/ gate, central heating and for the consequences of the actions or omissions of persons who may control or supply main services, or any actions taken in the vicinity of the property reserved, by any authority over which there is no control. This does not affect the CLIENT statutory rights.

Since the LETTER do not own any property, the CLIENT understand and agree that the charges, taxes and fees for the specified rental are irrevocable, undisputable and may not be charged back, contested or challenged in the future, doing so breaches your agreement which is a legal contract. Any Credit Card Chargeback, or other payment reversal, initiated by CLIENT without any written attempts to solve the issue will constitute a breach of this Rental Agreement and will be subject to a fine of 10% of the rental plus any amount reversed.

In the event of an abusive and fraudulent credit card chargeback, the LETTER reserve the right to take legal action to recollect the funds by way of a civil suit or debt collection agency as well as to report the incident for inclusion in a chargeback abuser database and/or a consumer reporting agency database.

8. Arrival and Departure:
A) Arrival procedure:
A LETTER's representative will be waiting for the CLIENT at the property. The CLIENT is expected to check-in between 3PM and 8PM. If the property is available, clean and ready, the CLIENT may be able to enter in the property before normal check-in time, otherwise CLIENT will be able to leave their luggage. If the CLIENT want to guarantee an early arrival, the CLIENT may reserve the property a day earlier. Out of regular business hours, special arrangements need to be made before and directly with the LETTER's representative. A 30 Euro fee will be charged for arrival after 8PM, 50 Euro fee between 10PM and 12AM - No arrival after 12AM, the fee is payable directly to the LETTER's representative.

CLIENT can book our recommended private transportation or can directly set up a meeting time at the apartment. If a meeting time is set up at the apartment by CLIENT, once the LETTER's representative reach the property to wait for the CLIENT, the LETTER's representative will wait a maximum of 30 mins, it is the responsibility of CLIENT to inform any delayed arrival to the LETTER's representative. Failure to notify the LETTER's representative at least one hour in advance will result into a 20 EUR waiting fee per starting late hour. If any delayed arrival is notified in advance, a new meeting time will be rescheduled depending on the LETTER's representative availability.

B) Departure procedure:
The CLIENT is requested to vacate the premises between 7AM and 10AM. A 30 Euro fee will be charged for departure before 7AM, the fee is payable directly to the LETTER's representative. Late check-out fee between 1PM and 6PM is 50 Euro and after 6PM the late check-out fee is half night rate. The CLIENT is responsible to notify the LETTER or its representative for any late check-out. If CLIENT overstay more than 2 hours in the premises without prior written notification to the LETTER, the LETTER or its representative reserve the right to enter in the premises, remove CLIENT's belonging, change the locks of the premises and take further action as may be necessary at the cost of the CLIENT.

The CLIENT is required to leave any keys inside the property, to strip linens and towels in bathtub or shower, to clean dishes or to place it in dishwasher, to empty trash, and to remove leftover from the fridge. If an excessive amount of cleaning is required, the guest will be responsible for extra cleaning and laundry fees.

Christmas and New Year Day fee: A 50 EUR fee will be payable directly to the LETTER's representative for any arrival and departure on December 25th and January 1st.

9. Security Damage Deposit:
The Client can choose either one of the options below to pay the security deposit :

Option 1 : Either the CLIENT chooses to subscribe to the rental insurance "Adar" proposed on the website that cover for damages in the property as well as for trip cancelation/ interruption if insurance is paid within 10 days after booking and to sign a credit card authorization form on arrival to authorize the All Luxury Apartments Ltd, the LETTER, to withdraw money from CLIENTS's account for any amount not covered by the insurance, and for any damage caused to the apartment or its contents during the entire rental length. This credit card authorization is not a charge but guarantee any extra cost that is not covered by insurance (Phone bill, TV on demand, extra cleaning, missing items, key loss etc...). The CLIENT "security deposit" authorization will be canceled after inspection by the LETTER's representative who determines that no damage, loss (other than from reasonable wear and tear) has been done to the premises or property therein.

Option 2 : Or the CLIENT can choose to pay a security deposit by wire or by credit card for an amount equivalent to the rental price for a stay less than 1 month, or one month rental for a stay between 1 month and 3 months, or 2 month rental for a stay longer than 3 months. The security deposit will be refunded in full after inspection by the LETTER's representative within one week after the departure day who determines that no damage, loss (other than from reasonable wear and tear) has been done to the premises or property therein. Cash is not accepted as a security damage deposit.

Note: If no sufficient funds are available on credit card on arrival for a pre-authorization (Option 1) or for a payment (Option 2), the LETTER reserve the right to not give the property keys. The LETTER representative will not be able to hand over the keys if the CLIENT will not agree and sign the pre-authorisation credit card for the Damage Security Deposit.

The CLIENT has until 3:PM on the next day after arrival to notify the LETTER's representative from any damages. Passing this delay, the CLIENT is fully liable for any damages on a full replacement basis. Any deductions for property damage will be taken from the CLIENT's credit or debit card details on which the LETTER have pre-authorised an amount if not covered by the rental insurance. The LETTER remind the CLIENT that before inspection by the LETTER's representative on the day of departure, the CLIENT agree to leave the apartment in the same state of cleanliness as the CLIENT found it. If the apartment is left untidy, the LETTER might charge additional cleaning fee taken from the security damage deposit at the rate of 20 Euro per hour.

10. Inventory Keys
All keys must be returned at departure, or security deposit will be applied to key and lock replacement as lost keys necessitate complete lock replacement. A 150 EUR inconvenience fee will be charged for any missing key. If keys are lost or not returned within 72 hours, the lock must be changed for security reasons, with cost thereof deducted from the security deposit. Further, the LETTER stongly encourage the CLIENT to declare the incident at the Police station and to call the CLIENT's personal/bank insurance. The invoice needed by the insurance will be sent directly to the CLIENT's home address.). The LETTER can't be held responsible if CLIENT decide on its own to call a locksmith during the rental for any reasons without the LETTER writing agreement. Calling a locksmith during the rental is at CLIENT own risk, responsability and cost for any bills paid by CLIENT.

If CLIENT get locked out of the property, the CLIENT need to contact the LETTER's representative in order to open the door and there will be a 50 EUR service fee due at the time of service during normal business hours. After 8:00 PM an extra of 30 EUR will be required and after 10:00 PM an extra of 50 EUR will be payable directly to the LETTER's representative.

11. Acceptance and booking conditions:
The CLIENT agree to have the power to enter into this agreement. By signing this rental agreement, the CLIENT agrees to the stated terms and accepts the conditions in full. The parties agree that these terms are fair and reasonable in all the circumstances. THE LETTER HAS THE RIGHT TO EVICT, WITHOUT ANY PRIOR WARNING, ALL CLIENTS WHO DO NOT ADHERE TO THE ABOVE STATED REGULATIONS IN THIS CONTRACT. In case of litigation occurring for the execution of the general conditions or during their realization and in regards to the conditions or their consequences, if a friendly settlement does not occur and if the litigation must be brought to a court, the parties give jurisdiction to the local court where the property is located.

I agree to the above stated terms and accept the conditions in full as the CLIENT. I agree my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature for this agreement. By clicking on "I agree and accept", I am signing this agreement and I consent to be legally bound by the agreement's terms and conditions, as they exist on the date of my electronic signature, in order to book a property offered by the LETTER.