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Rental Insurance

Rental Fraud

All Welcome2France properties carry an anti-fraud guarantee!

Rental insurance will protect you from damage to property due to a mishap during your stay. This, however, may not cover rental fraud that steals your hard-earned money and, worse, your dream vacation.

When you book with Welcome2France, you can rest assured that you will be shielded from rental scams that abound. All our properties have an anti-fraud guarantee, which takes effect when unpleasant things, such as the following, happen:

- Your accommodation is actually shabby and has been misrepresented in the promotional and marketing photographs.

- Your accommodation contains none of, or fewer than, the amenities listed on the description page at the time of booking.

- Your accommodation does not exist at all.

- Your host has taken your upfront fees but cannot provide you with the promised accommodation.

- Your host has double-booked your accommodation, so you are left with none.

Welcome2France has been a respected part of the luxury-travel industry for more than 15 years, and we have earned our reputation by consistently delivering honest-to-goodness, 5-star services to guests.

We exert a great deal of effort in verifying our property listings, inasmuch as we want to make good on our commitment of giving you nothing less than the best luxury-rental experience. Our team meticulously inspects each one of our thousands of accommodations, and we also train and vet the staff assigned to welcome and assist guests.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns, please call or write us.